3 refreshing ideas for garden water games to make yourself

Do-it-yourself garden water features buy pump assemble

The water features are a popular element in the garden and offer beautiful decoration and background music while you relax and freshen up outside. These ideas cost relatively little and the projects are small and manageable enough that they can be moved around at any time. Follow our step-by-step guides for these beautiful ones Do-it-yourself garden water games and bring the calming sound of the bubbling brook into your garden at home.

Do-it-yourself garden water games

DIY garden water games stone pump flower pot

What you will need is a large pot, bucket, pump, wire mesh, and river stones. Drill holes in the bottom of the pot. Next, place the bucket inside the pot, cut a square piece of wire mesh, and adjust its size to fit the pot. Cut a square opening in the center of the grid for the pump and place it in the bucket. Fill the bucket with water and place the wire mesh on top. Wash off the river stones and place them on the wire mesh. Turn on the pump and enjoy the soothing sounds of the water. The second and third ideas involve almost the same technology and the elements are arranged differently.

Do-it-yourself garden water games – materials required

Do it yourself garden water games instruction materials

Make holes in the ground

Do it yourself garden fountains make holes

Adjust wireframe

Do-it-yourself garden water features wire mesh

Buy well pump

Do it yourself garden water games buy

Place the well pump in the bucket

Do it yourself garden water games bucket in pot

Do it yourself garden fountains adjust the grid

Do-it-yourself garden water features place tiles on the grid

Water feature made of metal buckets and river stones

Do it yourself garden water games metal bucket boulders

required materials

Garden water games do it yourself clay pots metal bucket ball pump

Drill a hole in the bucket

Do it yourself garden water features hole metal bucket

Pull the pump hose through it

Create garden water features pull hose pump

arrange the stones

Do it yourself garden water features arrange stones

DIY garden water games hose pump