25 cool craft ideas for the teenage room for girls

In every apartment, the bedroom is a retreat where you can escape from the rest of the world for a short time. This is even more important for young people and they would like to express their style and hobbies through the decoration in the room. We show you cool craft ideas for the teenagers’ room who girls would love and who can quickly imitate them.

Cool craft ideas for your room – motivation wall

cool tinkering ideas zimmer-maedchen-mdf-plate-pink-painting

A mobile motivation wall, for example, where you can collect ideas, inspiration and motivational sayings, is without a doubt a great craft idea that can be easily implemented. It’s a good project for tenants because you don’t have to hang the motivational wall on the wall. Simply lean your own creation against the wall.

For this project you will need an MDF board of the desired size, acrylic paint in two colors, painter’s tape, washi tape, small paint roller and newspaper or cardboard to protect the floor from paint stains when painting.

Cool craft ideas for teenagers

cool tinkering ideas room-girl-motivation-wall-pink-washi-tape

First paint the MDF board with the darker color and let it dry. Create the desired design with painter’s tape. Apply lighter paint, allow to dry and remove painter’s tape. Attach photos, magazine clippings and notes with washi tape or pins. You can of course choose the color to your heart’s content. Anything you like is allowed. Delicate pink tones or pastel colors, combined with a little glitter or golden accents, look enchantingly girlish.

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Beautiful colors for girls’ rooms – pink and gold

cool tinkering ideas room-girl-two-tone-pink

cool tinkering ideas room-girl-pink-mdf-plate-golden-accents

Make a small pin board out of wine corks yourself

cool-tinker-ideas-room-teenage-bulletin board-make-yourself-wine-corks

Another great craft project for the girl-teen room is this creative bulletin board in the picture above. You can imitate them at home with little expenditure of time or materials. Find an empty storage box or other box of the size you want where the wine corks can be glued close together. For a few great color accents, you can paint the wine corks or just add individual colored highlights. The painted corks can also be positioned lying down. Choose from multiple colors and create fascinating patterns with any arrangement.

Stick wine corks close together


cool-tinker-ideas-room-teenage-wine-cork-bulletin board


cool-tinker-ideas-room-teenage-bulletin board-cork-make-yourself

cool-tinker-ideas-room-teenage-instructions-make-cork-bulletin board-yourself

Pin board made of painted IKEA cork trivets

cool tinkering ideas bulletin board-teen-room-home-office

Cork trivets are also a good alternative to the usual pin board. These can also be easily spiced up with color and personalized motifs. You are welcome to create your own color compositions and conjure up great patterns with the help of adhesive tape or stencils. Think of a great arrangement and stick the colorful mats on the wall in front of the desk. Cheerful colors create a great atmosphere in the room.

Materials needed

cool tinker-ideas bulletin board-teen-room-cork-coasters-ikea



cool-tinker-ideas-bulletin board-teen-room-painted-round-cork-coasters

Jewelry storage – embellish glass plates with golden glitter


Not only on special occasions, beautiful pieces of jewelry are something for girls that will make your hearts beat faster. A glass plate can be used to conjure up beautiful jewelry storage. All you have to do is sprinkle the plate with paste and sprinkle glitter in gold or silver on it. The glittering plate is a real eye-catcher. You can put bracelets, the watch or nail polish as well as other accessories there – practical and creative at the same time.

spice up cool-tinker-ideas-room-girl-glass-plates-golden-glitter

You can easily put together creative jewelry étagère that adorns the girl’s room from tableware. Let your imagination run wild and design a single floor from old, unusable plates and glasses. Even if you don’t have pretty, old dishes in your home, you can find great pieces cheaply at the flea market. The pretty storage rack ensures order and is decorative at the same time. Get different sized plates and nice glasses.

Make a cake stand yourself from plates and glasses


 If you want to make a particularly elegant jewelry étagère, you can use champagne or wine glasses. Candlesticks and chic egg cups are just perfect as an intermediate part. Arrange the plates and glasses the way you like the cake stand and glue them together with an all-purpose or porcelain glue. You can align the glasses in different ways. Place them either on the opening or on the foot. If you want, you can paint the glasses or fill them with beautiful petals.

Painting glass bottles white – simple and stylish jewelry storage


Another great material for a creative jewelry rack are empty wine or plastic bottles. For this you have to paint some empty wine or champagne bottles in a color of your choice and let them dry well. A serving tray can serve as a base and can also be equipped with jewelry or your collection of sunglasses and decorated as desired. A great jewelry stand can also be made from empty plastic bottles. First, cut out the bottle bottoms of three or a lot of empty bottles and give the edges a wavy shape. If there are any sharp edges, smooth them out with a little sandpaper. Drill a small hole in the middle. Set the first piece with the opening facing down and thread a screw rod. Arrange the remaining plastic bowls with the open sides at the top. Secure each piece with a nut and grommets. If you want to give your unique jewelry stand more pep, you can color the bowls.

Cool craft ideas for the girl’s room – make-up storage made of floral foam


A piece of floral foam can also be transformed into an attractive stand for your make-up items in just a few simple steps. Decorate the floral foam with rivets or colored beads and make holes. Make the holes large enough to fit brushes, lipsticks, or mascara. Small metal eyelets ensure that the items are stable. With this original stand you have everything ready to hand when applying makeup.

Spice up the lampshade of the table lamp


Re-using an old sequin skirt creatively


Decorate frameless mirror with paper flowers

cool craft ideas paper-flower-room-decoration-wall-mirror

Use flower punches

cool-tinker-ideas-paper-flowers-room-decoration-motif punches

Cool craft ideas for girls – make three-dimensional flowers out of paper


Cut paper strips with pinking scissors and make flowers


Attach to the mirror with a hot glue gun


Wall decoration with black butterflies like in Serena van der Woodsen’s bedroom

cool craft ideas room-decoration-butterflies-circle-wall

Butterfly template to print


Cut out butterflies and fold them in half to create a 3D effect


arrange black butterflies in a circle


Instructions can be found in this article


Spice up your desk chair with a new pattern

cool-tinker-ideas-teenage-girl-desk-chair-spice up-patterns

Beautify the dreary corner of the room – with photos and decorations


Lip prints as wall art in the teenage room


Make your own cushion cover in the Moroccan style


Spice up the wall clock with pattern wallpaper

cool-tinker-ideas-teen-girl-wall-clock-make-yourself-spice it up

Make your own mural with beautifully painted feathers


Embellish glass bottles with rivets


Spice up the storage box with rivets


Make macrame hanging baskets yourself


cool tinkering ideas deco-maritime-painting-wood-discs-nautical

cool handicraft ideas bags-wall-design-cosmetics-cream-checkered-fabric