22 DIY ideas for the home – use shelf brackets differently

diy ideas cupboards-parts-decorative-black-metal

Are you looking for something unusual again DIY ideas, which are also cheap, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together various creative ideas for do-it-yourself, for which you need simple shelf brackets as a basis. With your help, you can not only build furniture yourself, but also set decorative accents by using them to hang flowers or lamps. Try out our inspirations right away and design your interior individually and uniquely.

DIY ideas for the room


The great thing about shelf brackets is that they come in a wide variety of shapes. This way you can choose the perfect design for your interior style. You complement the vintage or shabby chic style wonderfully with such ornate iron brackets, for the rustic style, for example, choose wood, the modern style tolerates simple design. In addition, you can paint the shelf brackets as you like for all DIY ideas.

DIY ideas for the study

diy ideas bar chair-corner desk-modern-inspiration-pictures-decorarion

A nice desk is particularly important in the study. After all, you want to feel comfortable while working. You can create a floating desk design with shelf brackets. In addition, you only need matching table tops in the desired color. With the help of the shelf brackets, you can mount the desk at any height. What do you think of standing desks as extraordinary DIY ideas?

Do it yourself furniture

diy ideas standing-desk-build-floating-effect-carpet-colorful

Standing desks as DIY ideas can, as the name suggests, be used both while standing and while sitting. In the event that you want to sit down every now and then, you can easily get bar stools. This type of desk is a real eye-catcher and can be used in many ways.

Build a console

diy ideas ikea-ekby-desk-console-modern-inspiration

Ikea has some great pieces of furniture that you can combine with the shelf brackets for various cheap DIY ideas. Including this desk console, which can be attached to the wall with simple shelf brackets to create a floating design. Be sure to use shelf brackets that can hold the weight.

Easy DIY ideas furniture

diy ideas furniture-do-it-yourself-table-leg-desk-float

You can make many DIY ideas yourself that look complicated at first glance. The small table, for example, consists of shelf brackets that serve as table feet and attach the table top to the table leg. Really nothing particularly difficult, is it? The desk next to it was attached to the wall with shelf brackets, but also has two legs to make it more stable.

Interior decoration ideas as a DIY project

diy ideas floating-bedside-table-hollow-table-top-plug-in-shelf bracket

If you want a floating table where it is absolutely impossible to tell how it was attached, use this simple trick for DIY ideas. This bedside table is basically hollow. This offers the possibility of hiding the shelf brackets in the table top. However, the idea is suitable for tables on which there will be no heavy weight. Side tables or bedside tables are perfect.

Replace the closet

diy-ideas-coat hooks-shelf-holder-hangers-wardrobe-replacement-modern

In order to save space, a wardrobe is often omitted in small bedrooms. We have already presented interesting ways to stow your clothes in another article. But we would also like to show you this variant of our DIY ideas, in which the clothes hangers are attached to shelf brackets. You can also use the idea for the inside of wardrobes.

Do it yourself decoration


Are you into the rustic look of natural materials, choose DIY ideas made of wood to spice up your home. These old shelf holders together form a shelf for flower pots. The peeling paint makes this shelf even more personable and perfect for the shabby style. Of course, this DIY decoration can also be implemented with new brackets.

Unusual do-it-yourself ideas for the wall


You can see more DIY ideas for living here. We find the idea in which the shelf brackets are simply reversed, i.e. above the board, very original. Shelf brackets are also suitable for attaching the trendy lamps, which only consist of a light bulb and a cable. You can find out how you can make such lamps yourself in one of our articles.

Hanging flower pots

diy-ideas-shelf-holder-flowerpot-hanging-ferns-wall decoration

You can also hang a flower pot on the wall in the same way as the lamp. With a little imagination, you can come up with a wide variety of DIY ideas with shelf brackets. In fact, these elements are more practical than you previously thought. How about, for example, if you hang a bell or a wind chime in this way?

Storage space in the apartment


Do you love to ride a bike, but your loyal companion is disturbing you in the apartment? Hang the bike on the wall. How exactly can you already guess. Just two shelf brackets are enough to amaze the bike on the wall so that it is no longer in the way. Glue cork or other soft material to the holders so that the paint on the bike frame does not scratch.

DIY ideas for your home – living in vintage style


Would you like no curtains in the kitchen, but on the other hand find the window too bare? Romantic vintage wooden shelf brackets can solve your problem. They decorate the corners of the cabinets in front of the window. Country kitchens can be perfectly equipped with such DIY ideas.

Decorate kitchen

diy-ideas-kitchen-decorating-bar stool-white-country-house-vintage

There are really many DIY ideas for the kitchen. This shelf bracket idea is particularly simple and doesn’t require any special skills. The only important thing is that you find the same color for the holders as for the kitchen. This idea is incredibly straightforward and suitable for beginners, but still has an impressive impact on the look of the kitchen.

Original shelf brackets for consoles


You can make the classic console shelf for the wall more interesting with more eye-catching shelf brackets. You can even redesign these yourself. For the DIY ideas you can use, for example, wooden dowels that are put on the holder. That gives the shelf a more interesting look.

Shelf as a paper dispenser


Here you can see a normal wall shelf that is equipped with a rod. This rod is put through a paper roll (like toilet paper in the bathroom) and then serves as a paper dispenser. You can also use the idea for the kitchen roll in the kitchen or wherever it could be so useful. Make your home practical!

Pimp your home

diy ideas kitchen-sitting area-lamp-holder-flowerpot-shelf

So, as you can see, it doesn’t take much to create practical accessories and decorations in your home. Depending on what you need, you can implement a wide variety of DIY ideas with shelf brackets and adapt the setup to your needs. Let your imagination run wild and come up with different things that you can then just try out.