2 ideas on how to attach a climbing plant to the wall

Botanical wallpapers are all the rage right now. But with a little patience, you can also create attractive patterns on your walls with climbing houseplants. Since most indoor climbing plants cannot climb up on their own, you should provide them with a trellis. Today we’re going to show you two clever ideas on how to attach a climbing plant to a wall. These DIY solutions are unobtrusive, reliable, and can guide the houseplant’s tendrils along the wall in the desired direction.

The Efeutute is the ideal climbing houseplant to beautify a wall inside

Attach efeutute to the wall in the living room

We have already presented some suitable plants that you can use for this purpose in this article. Thanks to its easy care, the undemanding Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum) is the ideal climbing plant for indoor use. It grows quickly, even in poor light, and does not form adherent roots that could damage the wall of the room.

Make climbing support for indoor climbing plants yourself

Attach the green creeper to the wall

Give your climbing plants support to grow with this simple climbing aid that appears almost invisible. The transparent fishing line makes the tendril look as if it would grow up the wall in a zigzag pattern on its own.

Working time: 30 minutes

Difficulty level: low

Tools and materials:

  • Beam finder
  • pencil
  • hammer
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spirit level
  • Nails
  • Wall paint
  • Fishing line, transparent
  • Velcro plant binder (Velcro tape)
  • Climbing plant

Build a climbing aid for houseplant yourself

Step 1: locate the joists in the wall

Use a joist finder to locate the joists in the wall. Mark the spot on the wall with a pencil so you know exactly where they are.

climbing aid houseplant diy

Step 2: hammer the nails

Determine how much space you need for your indoor garden. Highlight and create the pattern you want. Whether grid, diagonals or zigzag – the shape is up to you. Then drive the nails into the wall. Next, use a small brush to paint all of the nails the same color as the wall to make them visually disappear.

Attach the plant to the wall with fishing line and nails

Step 3: wrap the fishing line

Tie the end of a fishing line to the bottom nail of your design. Wrap the fishing line around the painted nails in the pattern you want. At the end, tie the fishing line around the last nail and cut off the excess piece.

Climbing plants as a decoration for living room wall

Step 4: attach the climbing plant to the wall

Unwrap the plants from its trellis in the tub and use the fishing line to guide the vines along the wall. Use cable ties or plant ties to let the plant grow up on the trellis. After a few years, the efeutute can green your entire wall.

Decorate living room wall with climbing plant

Climbing plants wall mounting without drilling

Attach the climbing plant to the wall with adhesive hooks

Another way to attach a climbing plant to the wall is with transparent self-adhesive hooks. In this way you create a natural-looking composition with the climbing plant, which will create a real urban jungle feeling in your living room. The adhesive hooks hold climbing plants and enable practical wall mounting without drilling.

If the wall has bumps, you can Additionally Use double-sided tape

Efeutute wall mounting with adhesive hooks

See the metal hooks that help the efeutute climb along the wall?

Fasten the efeutute to the wall

With climbing plants you can bring that jungle feeling into your living room

Efeutute decoration on the wall in the living room

Or why not in the bedroom too

let efeutute climb up a wall