15 do-it-yourself coat hook ideas – hallway and nursery decor

DIY coat rack ideas animals kids room

We have 15 great ones for you Do-it-yourself ideas for clothes hooks, that would help you to put the entrance area or the nursery in order. They are also very inexpensive as they re-use old items or treasures from the flea market.

Coat hook ideas with wooden sticks

coat hook ideas wooden sticks tie hallway design

If you want a coat rack with a minimalist look in the hallway, then this is the perfect DIY project for you. First, buy large wooden sticks and tie them together keeping the bundle in a spiral position. It is really that easy!

Coat hook ideas with minimalist design

coat rack ideas cloakroom hallway wooden sticks

Or put the wooden sticks in a container so they can stand upright.

Old oar as a coat hook

coat rack hallway vintage oars maritime flair

If your favorite pastime is creatively repurposing old objects, then check out our next suggestions! An old oar with a couple of coat hooks serves as a rustic and distinctive coat rack in your hallway.

Vintage doorknobs or drawer knobs

coat rack ideas old doorknob vintage hallway

Have you ever seen a flea market and a bowl of different drawer knobs? Well next time, grab a handful so you can make that stylish coat rack.

Pegboard as a cloakroom

coat hook ideas pegboard wooden plank coat rack

Clothes hook ideas wood plank make holes yourself

Well, this isn’t a real self-made project, but its sleek design and modern look make it a great candidate for DIY inspiration! Get an old pegboard (or a recycled piece of wood and a large drill bit), a pile of pegs.

 Door lock and key

coat rack ideas door lock key coat rack

Old coat hangers as a cloakroom

homemade coat rack hangers idea hallway

tree branches painted white

Do it yourself clothes hook ideas tree branches painted white

Umbrella handles

coat hook ideas umbrella handle coat hooks

Custom made battens

coat rack ideas made-to-measure slats coat rack

Cross stitch in the hallway

coat hook ideas cross stitch saying hallway design

coat hook ideas children's room wooden floorboard yellow

old bed headboard   coat rack cloakroom ideas hallway organization blackboard paint