12 amazing rocking chairs for your garden

modern-patio-rocking-chair-fireplace-dining area

Do you want to design your beautiful garden, terrace or veranda with rocking chairs that are not only stylish but also look funny? You will be pleasantly surprised at how many wonderful styles these classic pieces of furniture can offer you and help you design your outdoor space. So we thought it was time to share some of our favorite ideas and designs here. From the rustic to the modern, there is something for every taste in our photo series today. Now let’s take a look at some amazing rocking chairs throw that can transform your outdoor space into something special.

Modern rocking chairs for your garden

Rocking chairs for your garden -modern-wooden-terrace-fire-basket-wall decoration-metal-flower

At first glance, you can’t tell whether these chic and modern chairs are actually rocking chairs. Due to their smooth legs, these pieces of furniture have a distinctly modern flair, but also function as a classic swing. Placed around the unique fireplace in a zen garden, they complete the fashionable look of this patio.

Garden rocking chairs for every style

Rocking chairs for your garden-natural fibers-sculptural-design-concrete-fireplace

These unique wicker rocking chairs also provide a bit of an Asian aftertaste! They create an organic and natural atmosphere around the garden, with an interesting and original touch on the classic outdoor style. We think they would look even better with some brightly colored pillows. Find it too?


These black and white designs are unusually built and beautiful to look at. Chic, clean and with a modern structure, these rocking chairs are a perfect match for this backyard pool area. They are stylish and fashionable enough. In their own colors and without additional accessories, they also look beautiful without being overwhelming.


Rustic and traditional in design, this rocking chair is certainly a work of art with a very contemporary presence. Constructed from mixed materials, he has a special vision, but we love his “Ferris wheels” and the multi-shaded seat. We think this rocking chair would fit perfectly in front of a house in a plantation or in the back of the house near the fireplace and not far from cozy hammocks.


This rocking chair has a definite masculine energy, but here too you can feel a stylish classic touch. It can be placed next to the front door, where you can take your shoes off after a long day at work. Or you could use it to create a cozy seat to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa in the evening. It combines well with a more traditional home decor, but goes more with a youthful atmosphere than a boring one.

Greenbelt rocking chair garden walnut wood

A rocking chair with a distinct “vacation” mood! This seat mixes tradition, holiday spirit and user-friendliness in one. Its legs are classic in style, while the woven cushions create a unique look. All he needs is a little color, maybe mango orange and cherry red? Then it will be a great accent in the room, where you can enjoy a lot of peace and relaxation at all times.

rocking chairs-rattan-seat cushions-cover-side table

These rocking chairs are undoubtedly made especially for the beach, but their modern lines make them look great in your garden too. They can add a sense of luxury to any outdoor space. Best of all, you could add these chic creations next to your pool area. The braided base makes the nautical design, it would be perfect for your back yard in the summer.


Another example of rustic and masculine design, the rocking chair even comes together with a matching side table. Made of wood, but with an interesting and artistic design, this rocking chair is not only a functional piece of furniture, but it also adds a natural attitude to the style of your garden.


This rocking chair is a work of art in itself. It has that trendy “floating” element that everyone will find interesting. But it is also done in a neutral shade that can be coupled with a variety of styles, themes and visions. So if you are looking for a friendly yet modern piece of furniture this is the rocking chair you need!

rocking-chairs-rattan-black-green-cushions-concrete-fire basket

How do you like these dark rocking chairs? They also mix some styles together: asian, modern and just feeling free! They are simple but sturdy enough. You can use it to create a cozy sitting area, by the pool, in front of the fireplace or even in front of the front door, you can sit comfortably on these beauties for hours and enjoy life.


We are almost at the end of our overview of the amazing rocking chairs today. But there comes someone who is perhaps the most traditional chair of all! This rocking chair shows a little unique design and looks very inviting in its vision. This piece goes well on country patios and courtyards. It has a southern charm that many modern chairs and designs lack, which is why it deserves to be staged.


You may think this is just a pool chair, but it rocks! We love this combination of functions and the fashionable design. The black color goes wonderfully with a variety of interior styles and themes, of course, but black also goes well with a contemporary vision. We love the innovative structure of this rocking chair and the way it actually “works”. And you?