10 upcycling ideas on how to decorate the garden with recycled materials

What better place than the garden to do something creative and realize some cool upcycling ideas? To save the planet (and your wallet), nothing can be thrown away and everything can be recycled. Glasses and bottles, old teapots, jeans, car tires, cable drums … all these everyday objects are given a second life thanks to our original ideas that will cost you next to nothing. After the cool craft ideas with old plates and old cups, you will find more inspiration here on how to decorate and design your garden with recycled materials.

garden upcycling ideas furniture and decoration

It is true that you don’t have to spend a fortune to beautify your home and create an original and cozy outdoor space. The art of recycling and home improvement is a great way to create stunning, personalized garden decorations. Whether you have a large garden or an XS backyard, recycled materials allow you to design your outdoor space according to its orientation and size. It also allows you to recycle items that you would otherwise have thrown away, which is good for nature and your budget. And because we at Deavita love the concept of upcycling, in which otherwise unusable objects are given new life, we show you a small selection of inspiring ideas to decorate the garden in an original and inexpensive way.

Upcycling ideas: garden furniture made from old tires

recycling garden furniture from car tires

Whether knitted or crocheted, round stools have never been as popular as they are today. They are so cool that they make a great addition to any decor. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, are very practical in small apartments and blend in perfectly with all styles. As a duo or trio, they can easily be transformed into side furniture (coffee table, storage stool, bedside table, etc.). Good news for all DIY enthusiasts: recycling old car tires and turning them into patio furniture isn’t as difficult as you think.

Make sisal stools yourself from car tires

An old tire, two round sheets of plywood, sisal rope, a hot glue gun and you can start making the stool from the tire and rope. Another possibility? Paint your tires white and add fabric seats. Once painted, they can also be used as a side table. Just put a round glass plate or a decorative tray on top.

Use of old tires in the garden

Half a wine barrel has many garden uses

recycling ideas for the garden table and planters

An old wooden barrel offers astonishingly versatile uses: it is suitable both for planting and for building a mini pond. It can also be turned into a side table to serve drinks and fruit. But that is not all! Numerous practical and original furniture and decorations can be made from a wooden barrel for little money: a fairy garden, a water feature, a stool, a hanging chair, a planter, etc. Whether cut out, hung or freely placed in the garden, it has everything you need to add a rustic touch to your outdoor seating area. By the way, you can find more beautiful upcycling ideas with an old wooden barrel in this article.

Upcycling ideas for garden furniture: cable drum as a garden table

recycling garden table made from cable drum

Ah, the cable drum! This large wooden roll is not only used to wind up power cables, but can also be used for many cool DIY projects. This creates a stable dining table, for example. Even a parasol fits perfectly in the middle hole of the cable drum. If the cable drum is smaller, it is well suited as a side table or stool. Simply place your new piece of furniture in your garden or on your terrace and it is ready for use immediately. We assure you that it will easily find its place there. Just like the stool made from recycled tires, the large spool can also be combined with all decorative styles. In winter, they can be brought inside to add a vintage touch to the living room. Take a look at the cable reel ideas in this article and let them inspire you for your own projects.

Old curtains and sheets are transformed into an original privacy screen

Privacy screen garden recycling old sheets

When the nice days come, the terrace invites you to relax. However, it is not always possible to enjoy your time outdoors in peace, especially when you are exposed to the prying eyes of your neighbors. Fortunately, there are effective and inexpensive solutions to protect yourself from the prying eyes of passers-by. Here is one that will cost you absolutely nothing! Old sheets, sewn together and transformed into awnings in boho style.

Upcycling ideas for the garden boho tent

So if you have old fabrics, scarves, sheets or tablecloths, turn them into an original boho teepee. How is that done exactly? The improvised tent is hung from the branches of a tree with sisal cord. Place a carpet, floor cushions and lanterns underneath and enjoy the beautiful days with your family without worrying about the curious glances of the neighbors. For an additional gypsy-chic feeling, cut shawls and scarves into ribbons and attach them to an embroidery ring. How to create an original boho-style mobile!

Hammock made from old jeans

upcycling jeans garden as a hammock

A hammock made of jeans? Why not! Denim, as we call the robust denim, is characterized by its high density, durability, excellent breathability and hygroscopicity. All of this makes it an ideal material for sewing a hammock.

Upcycling idea for the garden - hammock made from old jeans

In the wardrobe of style-conscious women of all ages there is probably more than one pair of jeans that unfortunately no longer fit. The models that have gone out of fashion are also aware of their fate and are waiting for the moment when they will be taken to the garbage dump. Give the jeans that have served you well for several fashionable seasons another chance and turn them into a stylish outdoor hammock.

Upcycling ideas for garden lighting

recycling decoration garden glasses and fairy lights

Cans and jars are at the top of the list when it comes to inexpensive recycled materials for garden decorations. These containers can be easily converted into unique, original and romantic outdoor lighting without having to spend a cent. For a subdued light in the garden, get empty glass vessels, place candles or solar fairy lights in them and hang them up with a string. That’s it! For more DIY garden lighting ideas, see this article.

Old stepladder transformed into a vertical mini garden

garden upcycling ideas old wooden ladder

An old stepladder can be used wonderfully as a flower stand. In the garden, however, it can also accommodate a number of items that are essential for outdoor comfort: garden tools, flower pots, blankets, pillows, etc. To create a jungle effect, you can drape hanging plants on top. If the step rails are too narrow for all of the things you want to place on them, you can board the ladder as shown in this article.

Planting old teapot

Old teapot planted with white blooming succulents

What can you do with old dishes? Don’t throw it away. Instead of letting your old cups, teapots and co. Gather dust, give them a second life in the garden and transform them into pretty, original flower pots. A few strokes of the brush are enough to give the old vessels a new look. They put colorful flowers in the limelight and give the garden a playful and personal touch. In this article, you will find out what to look out for when planting old dishes.

Woven baskets used as planters

Basket bags as DIY garden decorations

Are you looking for a practical and decorative upcycling idea for the garden? Basket bags are the trend in summer 2021. Whether as a beach bag or shopping bag: the basket bags are the perfect accessories for a summer-in-the-city look. Now they also have a place in the garden. The woven baskets, which by the way are available in different sizes and shapes, not only offer space for personal items, but also for a pretty plant. To create a fancy garden decoration, you should definitely use several baskets. You can arrange these on wooden boxes to add height to the arrangement, or hang them on the branches of a tree with organza ribbons.

Upcycling ideas with old garden tools: rake heads as wall storage

recycling in the garden storage idea for the garden tools

Old things can also be helpful when storing and organizing gardening tools. A rusted rake head and old wooden buttons from a drawer serve as holders for leaf rakes, shovels, loppers and the like. If you store your garden tools in a well-organized manner, you will always find what you need quickly.