30 do-it-yourself wedding gift ideas

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the wedding is a very special occasion in the life of two people. Giving away something personal is often a difficult task. In most cases you only know part of the bride and groom well and the other part less. The gifts should be addressed to both partners, but this becomes even more complicated if no wish list has been announced. Make wedding gift ideas yourself are always a good way to show special attention and give away a unique keepsake.

30 do-it-yourself wedding gift ideas

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There are a multitude of alternatives to give something very special and usually it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Gifts of money are welcome. Nevertheless, you can think of something creative and why not something funny. How about a personalized card with congratulations or something small that stays as a memory? Here you will find 30 DIY tips and gift ideas for a wedding. Have a lot of fun doing it!

Wedding gift ideas – 30 creative crafting tips

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Among the classic wedding gift ideas, money gifts are undoubtedly particularly popular. If you decide on such a wedding gift, you are certainly on the right track. If you don’t know the bride and groom very well, a gift of money reduces the possibility of not meeting the bride and groom’s taste. So the bride and groom can decide for themselves how to invest the money. If you don’t want to hand over a white envelope with banknotes, you can get a little creative and think of something exciting.

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Gift idea from a book

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Perhaps consider an original packaging for your cash gift. How about a self-designed collage in which you insert the banknotes or hide them? Design your work of art so that the banknotes cannot be seen at first glance. But if the recipient does not notice anything, there is nothing wrong with informing them that there is something valuable in the collage. Another great idea to hand over money is with the folded bills.

Paper hearts in a picture frame as a gift idea

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You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fold various animals, flowers or hearts out of banknotes. The self-made gift will come across even better if the selected figure bears special symbolism. For example, the peacock symbolizes beauty, passion and love, while the goldfish is a symbol of wealth.

Make a bowl for the wedding rings

Wedding gift ideas -rings-bowl-modeling-clay-white-diy-tip

You can also present the cash gift creatively in a treasure chest that you have arranged yourself. Get a wooden box that you decorate with a personal engraving of your choice. The names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding day, as well as hearts, flowers or swallows can decorate the wooden box. The individual banknotes can be rolled tightly and attached to a cord with a flower made of paper or foam rubber. Tie the remaining bills until you have a flower necklace. Now you can fill the wooden box with decorative grass or hay and place the flowers on it.

 Make a bowl from modeling clay with a lace imprint for the wedding rings

Gift ideas for the wedding-plate-modeling-clay-letters-white-bird-tip

A slightly larger wooden box that you decorate yourself can also be a great gift for monetary gifts and greeting cards, which can be used on the day of the pick-up. Design the memory box individually and creatively. After all, it will hold onto and keep unique memories of a very special day for a long time.

 Make cute, kissing bride and groom out of clothespins

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There are fascinating wedding gift ideas with common items that can be transformed into unique works of art in just a few simple steps. For example, clothespins can be used to create a kissing bride and groom. These clothes pegs are a great decoration for cards as gifts. You can use them to attach practically anything to your present.

Colorful cup coasters made of small tiles

Gift ideas for the wedding -cup coasters-colorful-simple-tiles-square-pattern

Just paint one half of the clothespin white and the other half black. Give the bride and groom a face and the creative present is ready. If you want, you can also paint small clothespins as children or design an aging couple. That would be a nice, romantic addition to suggesting a long, happy family life.

 Basket with “dancing shoes” for the bride and groom and guests

Gift ideas for the wedding -flip-flops-colorful-guests-dancing-shoes-funny-idea

A fun idea that can be given as an addition to the actual wedding present is a basket of flip flops that can be used as dance shoes by the wedding couple and all guests. A funny and joking gift idea that will certainly find its use after a few hours. There is a lot of dancing at the wedding and almost always the moment comes when the guests want to take off their official shoes and end the evening with light, comfortable shoes.

Flip flops with a cutout in the sole with the names of the bride and groom 

Gift ideas for the wedding -flip-flops-wedding date-hollowed-out-funny-idea-sand

Wedding gift ideas can not only be creative, but also very romantic. Check out these original flip flops! They have a cutout in the sole that leaves footprints in the sand. The footprints of the toe separator can be labeled with name, initials, wedding date or maybe with a wedding saying. Isn’t it romantic when the newlyweds go for a walk on the beach together and leave footprints with their own initials? Lettering like “Just married” or “Love” is also an excellent idea.

Self-engraved cutting board for the future family

Wedding gift ideas-wooden boards-house-childlike-engrave-diy-creative-

Decorate champagne glasses with golden dots 

gift ideas-wedding-low-glasses-gold-diy-creative-beautiful-simple

gift ideas-wedding-champagne glasses-diy-nail polish-gold-creative-beautiful-simple

Glasses with painted feet in matt black

gift ideas-wedding-glasses-feet-black-color-matt-chalk

Make coffee cups yourself for the future married couple

Wedding gift ideas -mugs-mr-mrs-creative-diy-wess-pen-writing

Paint funny wooden spoons – wife and husband

Gift ideas for the wedding-wooden-spoon-paint-funny-bridal-couple-caricature

Great gift idea – extraordinary globe for the couple

gift ideas-wedding-globe-decoration-painted-interesting-sayings

Wooden box for greeting cards or gifts of money

gift ideas-wedding-box-cards-envelopes-money-lucky-wishes-wood

Mailbox – first for the greeting cards and then for the common home

gift ideas-wedding-do-it-yourself-mailbox-wess-flower-pictures-love-photos-romantic

 For the most creative – make a caricature of the two partners yourself

gift ideas-wedding-collage-portrait-funny-interesting-art-bridal couple

Tinker key shelf for the young family

gift ideas-wedding-key-shelf-mr-mrs-young-family-creative-sign

Beautiful handmade pillows for wife and husband  

gift ideas-wedding-wife-mister-pillow-creative-ideas-diy-interesting-cotton

A practical gift – wooden glass stand with a good bottle of wine 

gift ideas-wedding-wine-glasses-bottle-wood-square-diy-simple

Glass stand made from an old rake decorated with fabric and lace

gift ideas-wedding-wine-glass-stand-rake-deco-diy

Wrapping gifts in a creative and unusual way

gift ideas-wedding-fabric-packaging-flowers-white-lilac-beautiful-simple-decoration

Make your own creative greeting card or picture frame

gift ideas-wedding-frame-card-scrabble-letters-name-money-bills

Live map – show the history of the bride and groom together with excerpts from maps

gift ideas-wedding-picture-card-tinker-live-map-card-cut-out-creative

Arrange a funny surprise for the bride and groom 

gift ideas-wedding-feet-bride-white-sand-beach-wedding-funny-funny

Wedding gift ideas - modeling clay - birds - pigeons - white - gold - decoration rings

Gift ideas for the wedding -picture-frames-black-wife-mr-bridal-couple-first-toast-drinking slogan-cork