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Build your own workbench – DIY projects and ideas for hobby craftsmen and skilled men

ideas and designs for workbenches made of wood for various purposes practically set up in the room

If you want to build a spacious and stable workbench yourself, this can become the crown jewel of your workplace. For this reason, we have put together a list of suitable ideas and DIY projects in our post that can inspire you. There are some interesting options, such as sturdy, rolling designs for your garage, polished versions with interior shelves, and modular options for apartments. You can also build a collapsible workbench yourself, or have one built into your trunk. So there are a number of cool options on this list. However, if this is your first build, skilled carpenters have recommended starting with something simple. Just browse through our tips and discover imaginative possibilities for your craft work area.

Useful tips – build your own workbench

self-made workbench with a rustic look and space for boxes with a tool wall

Using just lumber, plywood, circular saw, drill press, and belt sander, you can create a custom order that fits your needs and type of job. You can create this from the exact measurements given, or modify them if you need more space. However, such a structure can be quite difficult and cumbersome to move. Because of this, it is a good idea to set up the workbench where you plan to use it later.

Use electric saw for cutting wood and build your own workbench from recycled materials

As most artisans would say, these must primarily be classic designs that won’t wear out, are easy to manufacture, and can serve a variety of purposes. If you don’t have a saw or other tools to cut, you can have the wood cut at the store where you buy it.

Nice and practical DIY project

designer workbench with holes and additional functions from above

If you are looking for a workbench that looks ornate, visually appealing, and yet is fully functional, you have a few options. The designer explains that this project is a bit of a hassle, but not impossible if you have manual skills and a table saw. The workbench in this case is made of Douglas fir, floor joists and plywood. Depending on the look you want, you can go for a different one or even stain it.

Equip workbench with running wheels for maneuvering and better mobility in space

The perfect suggestion if you are building a workbench yourself, but have limited space, is to put it on castors. Thus, the work table can be easily maneuvered through the room. A real craftsman also appreciates the good weather and likes to work outside on summer days. The table legs can be made of medium density fibreboard while you will also drill holes for easy connection to the frame. To do this, just screw the two together and add the footrests. Then you can put on the rolls and, if necessary, attach a lower compartment to them.

Simply build a planned workbench yourself

Build or buy a workbench for a tidy work area with drawers and paint it

This can be another great project for the seasoned DIY enthusiast who has already built a table out of wood. You can make a sturdy and not-too-shabby bench out of plywood, wood glue, and screws. To do this, put the table legs together, attach the cross members and finally the table top on top. Since you will work on it a lot, you will need to make sure that all connections are secure and can support the weight of the assembly.

ideas and designs for workbenches made of wood with storage space integrated in the worktop

With the size of the workbench, the dimensions of the table top and the table height can be freely selected. It can be pretty much any size you want. First, for example, align one leg with a leg rest. Most importantly, the top of the leg should be flush with the top of the leg rest. The leg support can also protrude 5 centimeters above the leg. Next you can drill two pilot holes and secure them with 2 screws. Repeat at the bottom of the leg. Attach another leg to the other end and complete this assembly three times.

Sliding, space-saving tool wall and plug-in panel for tools with rail to be installed in the room

You can attach the table top to the legs with cover fasteners and align it so that there is an overhang of 8 centimeters on all four sides. You can then glue the chipboard to the plywood sheet with wood glue, making sure that there is enough glue around the edges. Clamp the two pieces together and use a couple of weights to dry them. Finally, you can insert two more screws through the entire table top into each leg support.

Plan garage workbench

man works on workbench in garage with instruments and devices

A DIY project like this is ideal for those who want to build something every now and then on the weekend. This work table doesn’t take up much space and the only materials you will need are plywood, lumber, and screws. To do this, cut the legs to size, attach them and the rear crossbeam. Test that the bench is straight, add the tabletop, and then install the lower shelf. Lumber could also be used entirely as the plywood is only used to make the end product a little lighter.

Construct your own work table made of wood with a lower shelf as a diy project

You can design such a garage workbench to fit a rolling tool box and other shelves underneath. First add the table legs and secure them with screws. You can mount the rear crossbeam a little higher to store other boxes or tools underneath. To make it even easier, turn the construction sideways and complete each joint. Then stand the bench upright and use a spirit level to check whether the surface is level. The middle legs, the shelf and finally the table top can then be added last after adjustments. A layer of plywood can also serve as additional protection when working.

Build a modular workbench yourself

auto workbench for trunk with hinged function and tool wall make model making repair

Many DIY enthusiasts are not fortunate enough to live in houses with lots of space. If you are one of them, this example offers a great solution for a workspace that is completely usable, yet visually appealing. This workbench can also be made of any wood, such as cedar. This is a bit expensive, but it looks nice and smells even better. The frame and modular sections of the table can be made up of posts and thick boards. To complete everything, just back up the two together.

modular workbench for apartment or other space with sections and rollers

Make sure the modular sections fit under the main work table. These can be pulled out as needed for quick access to tools or consumables. Additionally, you can pull out the modular section to make various fun arrangements and customize and expand your workspace as needed. In your apartment, the modules can then be maneuvered for different rooms so that you can also work in the bedroom or on the balcony, for example. Put everything in such a way that it is out of sight when you get visitors.

Build your own mobile workbench

Although the next suggestion is substitute materials, this work table is very functional and looks professional. You can use a kitchen worktop for the top, as in the example, although a piece of wood is also suitable. You will also need a thick rubber mat, plywood, screws, wheels (rollers), paint, medium density fiberboard, and particle board. It doesn’t take long to set up and beginners can simply watch the attached video. You can paint the workbench however you want. However, use sealer and polish on the countertop and on the wood.

build your own mobile workbench note dimensions height width length measure and install running wheels

The following materials are required:

  • Screws, staples, glue
  • 30 mm thick worktop
  • 12 mm thick plywood
  • 15 mm thick chipboard
  • 20 mm thick MDF board
  • Wood for shelves
  • Impellers can each take 25 kg of load
  • 3 mm thick rubber mat for holding the tools
  • White lacquer and polish for a better look
  • Drawer for at least 30 kg load

This workbench can move around a workshop and provide additional space for your tools. Such a mobile piece of furniture also helps to keep your tools in order. You can mostly use leftover materials like an old kitchen drawer and countertop for it.

Workbench for trunk

auto workbench for trunk with hinged function and tool wall make model making repair

A workbench can also be folded out of the trunk and is a quick and easy way to repair defective car parts or equipment to get them working again. The idea is to create a hinged tool wall for the car that can also contain the instruments for your hobbies. For example, if you often forget the wrench at home, this variant can be very useful. You can of course adapt this version to many different car models.

Build children’s workbench yourself

DIY work table for children to make themselves build a play area with tools

Finally, we introduce you to an adorable idea that you can make with a countertop, bottom board, and pegboard. Although this is intended for your little ones, you could certainly increase the level of the table top and thereby make the workbench generally suitable for small spaces. Such an idea is also suitable as a gift for your future successors, who can grow up as skilled craftsmen with it. This workstation can therefore be a functional addition to any home, as well as providing great moments together.

children build their own workbench with tool wall clipboard for toy instruments

The children can also use this workbench as a play area with plastic tools if they are still too small for a real hammer. The shelf under the children’s workbench can hold all loose little things, while the integrated edge keeps the parts from falling. The pegboard on the back lets your little handyman stash all of their tools in easily accessible places and can help keep everything tidy when it’s time to clean up. You can easily do this project in a weekend.