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Building a garden pond – design options for a water garden

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Do you want one Build a garden pond? The pond in the garden needs good planning. Even when creating a mini garden, there are a few things to consider. There are different types of ponds – mini ponds, koi ponds, near-natural ponds, swimming ponds, fish ponds. It depends on your personal wishes which variant you choose. For beginners, however, the small, near-natural pond is an easy-care and easy-to-build variant.

Building a garden pond – materials and techniques

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Various techniques can be used in pond construction. You need pond liner (PVC, plastic, rubber), pond basins (made of GRP or plastic), concrete or clay basins. There are different sizes and shapes. A garden pond can be created relatively easily with pond liner. This is well suited for a solid base made of loam or clay and can be cut to size on site and adapted to the pond walls. Koi ponds are more demanding and have to meet certain requirements (e.g. the depth should not be less than 1.50 meters). Who one Build a garden pond needs to plan the shape in detail. For this, the location and the planned size are decisive. The properties of the subsoil also play an important role.

Building a garden pond – good planning is necessary

Build a garden pond, find the right location

The pond equipment includes pond pumps, pond filters, possibly also drains, skimmers, hoses, water and electricity connections, with which the dirt has to be drained from the pond. Biological filters ensure sufficient oxygen in the pond water. At the end of the filter there is a pump that feeds the cleaned water back into the pond. Circular pond flow is recommended. If the subsoil is not very firm (e.g. gravel or sand), have a concrete pond basin created by a specialist. However, not everyone is able to seek out an expert in pond construction and garden design and hire him. With the help of detailed instructions, you can create an attractive one yourself Build a garden pond.

Water games as eye-catchers in the garden

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If you want fish, you have to make sure that the pond basin is at least 70-80 cm deep. Sometimes trees with large roots must first be removed or steep slopes must be observed. For some people, water features are the cause of one Build a garden pond to want. Waterfalls, garden fountains, streams and architectural elements such as gargoyles and bridges complete the overall picture.

Create a garden pond – water lilies and water plants


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