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Marble, plastic or wood cutting board for healthy living

Cutting board wood cleaning ideas

Nowadays there are many different options and designs made of marble, plastic or Wood cutting board offered. A cutting board is just as important as the right knife and can make life a lot easier. In any case, it is very important not only to think about durability and design when choosing kitchen accessories. Bacteria can live in the small cracks on the cutting board and it is recommended that different cutting boards are used for the raw meat, seafood, cooked meat, and fresh produce. Sanitary maintenance should be considered when buying a cutting board.

There are many arguments in favor of each type of cutting board – marble, or plastic Wood cutting board. Some experts believe that wooden cutting boards offer natural protection against bacteria because they do not like wooden surfaces. The plastic and marble cutting boards, on the other hand, cannot be impregnated with liquids.

Wooden cutting board – pros and cons

Stainless steel sink cutting board

This is one of the oldest cutting boards Wood cutting board. Wood cutting boards have advantages and disadvantages over the synthetic cutting board. Wood has natural sterile properties. Small cracks on the surface can close by themselves. Never leave your wooden chopping boards in the dishwasher or in water for long periods of time as this will damage the adhesive and material. If you clean the cutting board with salt you will get rid of all odors. You just have to let the salt sit on the board for a few minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Plastic or wood cutting board?

Plastic cutting board-hygienic-advantages

Many people think that plastic cutting boards are basically better for their health. Also known as polyethylene cutting boards, they have a surface that is quite soft and cannot close by itself. This material, on the other hand, is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Marble or wood cutting board?

Kitchen marble counter wood cutting board

Most marble cutting boards are not ideal for cutting. They cost more than one Wood cutting board for example, but you can wash these with soap and warm water. They are more resistant and the knife does not leave any cracks on the surface – so you don’t have to worry about the bacteria in the cracks. Regardless of which type of cutting board you choose, regular full cleaning will pay off.

Modern cutting board for round sink

modern plastic cutting board advantages

Hygienic care for wooden board

Cutting board-wood-hygienic-carePractical wooden cutting board

Cutting board wood interesting design

minimalist kitchen

minimalist sink plastic cutting board

Marble cutting board in rustic kitchen

Marble cutting board modern design

Black marble kitchen counter

black-marble-plastic cutting board

Interesting and practical wooden cutting board

Wood cutting board cleaning