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Onions in the household – your undreamt-of use in everyday life

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The onion is not only suitable for cooking! But what else is it good for? As it turns out, the onion isn’t just good for cooking. Everyone knows the great taste it adds to dishes and salads, but it is also beneficial in other areas of the household.

Onions in the household – where they can help

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Many would not even think of using the onion for anything other than preparing dishes. Surprisingly, the can be delicious Onion in the household Present your positive sides successfully in other aspects and here you can find out where.

Scare off insects

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the Onion in the household scares away insects from clothing and skin. You may smell a bit pungent if you rub it on your skin, but it’s a great solution for the garden party.

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The onion in the household – soothe an sore throat

It is not without reason that grandma’s recipe says adding squeezed onion juice to the tea. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps with colds.

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Removing splinters

If you put a piece of onion on the spot where the splinter is for 1 to 2 hours, you will be amazed at how soft the skin becomes in this area. This will make it easier to remove the splinter.

onion metal polishing bathroom faucet surfaces

The onion in the household – polishing metals

A raw and chopped onion is mixed with water in equal parts. The resulting juice is applied to the surface of metals using a damp cloth as a polishing agent.

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Relieving insect bites

Rub the injured area with a piece of onion and you will see how effective it is in such cases. This is because the onion has a powerful calming effect.

Onion in the household grill cleaning tips

The onion in the household – cleaning the grill

Barbecue owners may already be familiar with this trick, but others might find it interesting to know that rubbing an onion on the grate while it’s still hot helps. This makes it easier to clean. Then rub it with a piece of butter, or better yet, bacon and it is ready to use.

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Scare away ants

If you have an ants problem in the kitchen, place a few pieces of onion on the floor near the ant hole. The scent of the onions scares them away.

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The onion in the household prevents the windshield from freezing

If you use the car a lot in winter, when the windows of the car freeze quickly, simply rub an onion into them. It helps remove the layer of ice and also prevents new formation in the morning.

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It absorbs the smell of paint

If you’ve just freshly painted your apartment or house inside, the smell is probably still quite suffocating. But if you are in a hurry to move in, the onion can help you here too. It neutralizes the smell of damp paint in just one night. To do this, distribute a large amount of onion pieces all over the room that you have painted and lock the doors.

onion in the household skin rubbing burn

The onion in the household soothes burns

Even if it sounds unlikely due to its sharp taste, it works Onion in the household effective on burns. This includes both thermal and sun burns. Do not worry, it will not cause a burning sensation, but on the contrary. It helps the pain subside faster.

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