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Make cheap garden decorations yourself – 15 DIY ideas

Do-it-yourself garden decoration-cheap-cinema-evening-cinema-wall-lawn-ceiling-kids-popcorn

A limited budget is no reason to miss out on beautiful decorations for the inside or outside. There are great ideas on how to make effective and practical ones for little money Make garden decorations yourself can. Have a look at these 15 great DIY ideas and really believe that a lot can be done with creativity and a little skill. Don’t forget that crafting is fun!

Make garden decorations yourself – arrange an outdoor cinema evening with a limited budget


Keep this DIY idea for the warmer season in mind when you can arrange a nice sociable evening at the cinema with friends or family in your own backyard with little effort and expense. The most important thing is the white cinema wall, which has to stand really well and of course a projector that you can borrow. Everything else is left to your imagination and creativity!

Make garden decorations yourself – practical hooks for garden tools from old rakes


The old rake quickly becomes practical hooks for small accessories and tools.

Make garden decorations yourself – bench made of concrete bricks and wooden slats that can be easily dismantled 

Do-it-yourself garden decoration-cheap-bench-outdoor-concrete-tile-wooden-boards-meadow

This bench can be put together quickly and easily taken apart. All you need is concrete bricks with openings and matching wooden slats. Optionally, you can also design a backrest. Then the vertically positioned concrete tiles for the backrest should be firmly attached to the other of the seat.

Do-it-yourself garden decoration-cheap-bench-concrete-brick-wooden boards-seat cushions-outdoor

Make garden decorations yourself – outdoor table made of solid tree trunk


From a solid tree trunk you can make great little side tables for inside and outside or use it instead of a table base for a slightly larger table.

Do-it-yourself garden decoration inexpensive-outdoor-table-log-veranda-terrace


Make cheap garden decorations yourself – candle holders for the outdoor area


Don’t throw away the empty wine and glass bottles. From this you can create beautiful things.

Make cheap garden decorations yourself with colored glass bottles 



Make garden decorations yourself – plaster for garden path made of concrete in the shape of a leaf 


Make garden decorations yourself – creative planters from buckets and wooden boxes

Do-it-yourself-make-yourself-cheap-planters-floor-wooden boxes-buckets-creative

Make garden decorations yourself – planters made of metal pipes or boxes with a rusted surface


Make garden decorations yourself – planters from old car tires

do-it-yourself-make-yourself-cheap-flower-vessels-wall-car-tires-turquoise-brick wall


Make garden decorations yourself – outdoor side table made from a large planter

Do-it-yourself garden decoration-cheap-side-table-outdoor-flower-pot-color-blue-terracotta