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Acrylic Christmas tree projects exciting light effects

Christmas tree-in-minimalist-design-decorated-chandelier-crystal-balls

In the dreary winter time, a tree with lights and Christmas decorations finally brings a festive atmosphere into the apartment again. But if you don’t feel like a real tree, you can use it indoors and outdoors with additional decorative elements.

This Christmas tree, an original design by the American designer, architect and engineer Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker, presents itself in a minimalist design with absolutely no frills. When he got into financial trouble in the mid-1960s, he decided to buy less and make more himself. At that time, the beautiful Christmas tree made of acrylic was created, which became a little star and beloved family heirloom. Only the approximate shape and size of the tree were specified in the first draft, the rest arose during the “growth in the 1970s and 1980s. The Christmas tree as acrylic was made by his grandson Matthew Bliss brought to new life.

Christmas with a difference with an acrylic Christmas tree


Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker’s artificial Christmas tree consists of a cone-shaped tree structure that hangs from the ceiling and is illuminated from below. The structure is made up of concentric acrylic rings in different sizes. Bright, strong colors make the Christmas tree modern and uncomplicated. Many colored balls and chandelier crystals, which are regularly hung on the “branches”, make the tree look Christmassy, ​​fresh and stylish. The dramatic light and shadow effect is created by a small spotlight.

Puristic design, big impact

Christmas tree-made-of-acrylic-blue-simple-beautiful-light-and-shadow-play-living-room-decor

The acrylic Christmas tree gives you magical moments. Thanks to the integrated spotlight, it looks organic and lively. As soon as it lights up, it throws a playful silhouette on the wall and conveys a magical lighting atmosphere everywhere in the room.

The artistic Christmas tree is available in 3 sizes and two models – suitable for ceiling or wall mounting. Priced between $ 300 and $ 800 each, depending on the tree size and model.

Christmas-Christmas tree-green-Lawrence-Bud-Stoecker-acryl-design

The living room bathed in spotlights at night


This radiant Christmas tree looks simple and filigree

Christmas tree-made-of-acrylic-jewelry-attached-spotlights-from-below-decoration-for-home

The Christmas tree decorated with chandelier trimmings and Christmas balls 


Classic Christmas colors red and white


Fascinating lighting mood

cone-shaped-tree-structure-acrylic-slice-fir-tree-Christmas mood

A Christmas tree with character

Festive mood-in-apartment-ideas-purists-light-shadow-games-christmas-tree-design

The design is rounded off with small crystals

hanging-fir-tree-filigree-structure-made-of-acrylic-modern-design-home decoration

Subtle Christmas mood


The acrylic Christmas tree in a mysterious green

Fir-tree-hanging-from-the-ceiling-chandelier-hanging-stones-deco-simple-design-made of-acrylic

Fascinating acrylic design for purists

Fir-tree-made-of-acrylic-projected-fascinating-light-effects-Christmas mood

Breathtaking light reflections everywhere 


artistic-fir-tree-hanging-from-the-ceiling-design-puristic-made of acrylic fabric

Modern-Christmas tree - artificially-silver-blue-decorated-with-luster trimmings

acrylic-panes-fascinating-light-effects-on-the-wall-chandelier-hanging stones-decorative balls

Modern-Christmas tree-acrylic -chandelier hangings-decorative balls-light and shadow games