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Tinker with wine corks – 10 ideas for the Christmas decoration

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If you are a wine lover, collecting tons of wine corks is not difficult for you. If you already have a dozen then you are probably thinking about what to go with Make wine corks can. We’ve put together some cool Christmas decorating ideas here that you can easily try to add the charm of this festive season to your home. Most of these projects are quite simple and do not require any special skills. Probably a hot glue gun would be more than enough to finish off the Christmas decorations quickly. Enjoy these craft ideas and festively decorate your house for Christmas!

Make a door wreath with wine corks


A wine cork wreath is a creative addition to your kitchen wall. The base of the wreath can be made of wire or plywood. Wire is easy to hang on the wall. Depending on your preference, you can lay the corks flat on their sides or leave them straight. Add leaves, twigs, or bows for extra style.

Tinker Christmas tree decorations with wine corks


These ornaments are easy to make. Cut the wine corks to the optimal size you want and shape the structure of a Christmas tree. Then glue the pieces together and secure with a thread. Don’t forget to leave a hole to hang it up.

Decorate candle holders with wine corks


This idea creates a cozy atmosphere and looks nice. The secret here is to put a smaller one in the middle of the large glass vase. In this way, the corks are not burned by the flame. A warm light shines through the wine corks.


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Make a Christmas tree with wine corks


The Christmas tree has many alternatives these days and will be made from many other materials. We have already presented an idea of ​​an artificial Christmas tree made of glass balls, but it is well worth the effort.

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Tinker with wine corks – more ideas

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Christmas charms made from corks

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Vases made from wine corks

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Make snowmen

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