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Carnival decorations for home – great carnival ideas to make yourself

If you want to decorate your house for Mardi Gras, then we have some colorful and cheerful ideas for you that you can easily implement. Masks, garlands, confetti, paper garlands and much more. These Carnival decorations for the home will definitely increase the anticipation and make the carnival time unforgettable. Check out these craft ideas and get inspired.


1. Ideas for table decorations for carnival with masks, glass beads and feathers to make yourself

2. Handicrafts for carnival: LED candles with confetti in a glass, fool’s cap

3. Carnival window decoration: window pictures with clown, garlands and numerous craft ideas

Carnival decoration-home-ideas-do-it-yourself-black-white-stars-masks-table decoration

Carnival decorations for home – use the masks everywhere

Carnival decoration-home-ideas-do-it-yourself-elegant-black-white-table decoration

If you are hosting a carnival themed party, you can impress your guests by beautifully decorating the table. The mask is a symbol of the carnival, so you can use it in many ways – on the plates or as an accent in a flower arrangement. Choose bright colors like purple, green, yellow, and orange. Make great cocktail sticks with pompoms and wrap chains around the napkins. Embellish the lanterns with confets or colored paper circles.

Carnival decorations for the table


You can make beautiful garlands out of paper or muffin cups as additional decorations. Beautify the paper lights or hang large paper flowers over the dining table. This is how easy it is to bring a good mood into the house!

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Make carnival decorations yourself – table decorations with carnival masks


The magnificently decorated carnival masks are an absolute highlight on the festive table and at every carnival party. With a little imagination and only a few materials, you can make an enchanting mask yourself, with which you can decorate your apartment to match the occasion. If you want to design a great mask according to your own taste, you can either make it out of construction paper or paper mache, or you can decorate a white plastic eye mask yourself. You can decorate the plastic masks with glitter and stones in bright colors. You can frame the eye area with glitter stones or sequins, for example. You can embellish the nose and forehead area with gold or silver glitter. When decorating, you can use any other ornament and conjure up a glittering, colorful mask. Small flowers to stick on as well as decorative stone borders help you to create a wonderfully beautiful carnival decoration for your home.

Glittering, shimmering table decorations in intense colors for carnival or masquerade

Carnival-decoration-home-ideas-do-it-yourself-peacock feather-glitter-candles

A colorful decoration of the table and the room immediately puts you in a better mood. If you want to organize a private carnival party and impress with an elegant atmosphere, you can work wonders with just a few decorative elements. If you want a simple table decoration, you can, for example, arrange a vase with peacock feathers instead of flowers. Tealight holders with decorative stones in the same nuances as the feathers look great without the table being cluttered. You are welcome to design your carnival decorations from real feathers or get some made of plastic and decorate them to your heart’s content. Peacock feathers are also suitable for decorating various carnival accessories such as hats, masks and hair accessories.

Chains instead of napkin rings

napkin ring chain green purple carnival decoration idea

Mardi Gras decorations for home include small and large balloons, giant balloons, balloons in a great heart shape and confetti balloons. What do you think of balloons that are filled with colorful paper confetti instead of helium? For the confetti balloons, fill white, transparent balloons with glittering confetti. How to create a great decoration with balloons that immediately creates a party mood. If the balloons then burst, the fun is even more guaranteed. The confetti sparkles in the air and creates a great element of surprise that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Venetian flair on the carnival table

carnival decoration home masks table decoration ideas purple blue

You can also make the confetti yourself for your carnival party without any effort. For the homemade confetti you need colored paper with as many different colors as possible and a hole punch. Punch the paper and empty the hole punch’s catch tray and you’ve got your confetti. If you would like to have other patterns, you can use a punch. Collect the confetti in a bowl and also use them to decorate the table. Scatter the confetti in the middle of the table or around the plates. The colorful snippets on the table actually go well with any table decoration.

Table decorations for carnival: make masks and table runners yourself

Carnival table decorations themselves make ideas for the carnival

With a little imagination and a lot of glitter, a creative table decoration can be tinkered for Carnival. Cut tissue paper and make a table runner out of it. Apply plenty of glue on it with a flat brush and sprinkle it with sequins. Let the children draw stars from paper plates and decorate the Venetian masks with lots of glitter. Display the masks on the guests’ plates. With a vintage glass lantern with a golden pillar candle you can give the table decoration an additional glamor touch.

Carnival table decorations: masks with feathers and rhinestones

Mardi Gras table decorations make ideas with masks

Optionally, you can decorate simple carnival masks with feathers or stick them with rhinestones. Arrange them on a tablecloth in a contrasting color, for example green, or place them as place cards on the guests’ plates. You can round off the decoration with wine or champagne glasses, which you can match the color of the tablecloth. “Fireworks” decorative pickers in the glasses guarantee a happy atmosphere at the festive table or at the buffet.

Table decoration carnival ideas: Set accents with decorative ribbons

Table decoration for carnival Ideas for handicrafts Curl the gift ribbon

Add subtle accents by arranging the candy in gold gift boxes, curling gift ribbons with scissors, and draping them around the gift boxes. You can stylishly present an appetizer in a glass, desserts or even finger food at the children’s table. Optionally, you can tie the boxes with the decorative ribbons and stylishly wrap the giveaways. You can also tie the decorative ribbons to a magic wand or fairy wand later.

Carnival table decorations: effectively stage Venetian masks

Table decorations carnival ideas with masks to make yourself

Cut beautiful ornaments out of cardboard, tie a bouquet of seasonal flowers and paint a white Venetian mask with watercolors. Arrange the decorations on a plain colored tablecloth. The Venetian masks are often real works of art and you can hang them on the wall or display them on a shelf even after the carnival.

Handicrafts for carnival: coloring golden chocolate thalers

Handicrafts for carnival Golden chocolate thalers color ideas

The next handicraft idea is sure to please the children: you can use food coloring to color “golden” chocolate thalers any way you like and display them in a glass decorative bowl. There is also space for various chains, toys or other small items in the bowl. You can even organize a treasure hunt or use it to reward the children with the most beautiful or creative costumes.

Tinker carnival: decorate bottles

Crafts for Carnival, painting and decorating wine bottles

Do you have empty wine bottles at home? Then decorate them with acrylic paints, plastic beads and ornaments made of felt. First color the bottles a silver paint and set them aside on kitchen paper. As soon as the paint is completely dry, you can embellish it with green, purple or golden nuances. Then glue plastic beads to the neck of the wine bottle. Then color three shashlik skewers and attach a Venetian mask to one end of each shashlik skewer. Then put the other end of the Schaschlick skewer into the bottle.

Make carnival decorations: embellish LED candles with confetti

Handicrafts for carnival LED candles festively decorate

Embellish LED candles with glitter and confetti. Just apply a thin layer of glue to the candles, then dip them in glitter. Let them dry out and then place them in small cups or lanterns. Decorate them with confetti. This decoration idea is ideal for the children’s table, because there is no fire hazard with LED candles and the children cannot injure themselves.

Carnival table decoration with crown and feathers

Table decoration carnival inspired by 1001 nights with a crown on the children's table

Are you planning a children’s party for Mardi Gras? Then you should not only prepare delicious food, but also decorate the festive table appropriately. We’ll show you an idea inspired by the book “1001 Nights”. But of course you can adjust the color scheme and interpret other fairy tales in a similar way. You need feathers, transparent glass bottles (for example Coca Cola bottles), crowns and rhinestones.

Table decoration Carnival children's table festively decorate with crown and feathers

Make a tablecloth out of crepe or tissue paper and paint it with a silver crayon. Arrange purple feathers in the cola bottles, flaunt the crowns in purple disposable plates. Spread more rhinestones on the table. The table decoration for carnival is ready. And best of all, the kids can wear the crowns during Carnival. You can exchange the feathers for roses as you like and interpret the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Or you can put red apples on the table and conjure up a table decoration inspired by the fairy tale Snow White.

Make carnival table decorations yourself: decorate styrofoam cones with glass beads

Beautify the carnival table decoration with glass beads styrofoam cones

Even if you don’t want to set a motto for your carnival party, you should decorate the table. With cones made of styrofoam and chains made of glass beads you can make a colorful table decoration for carnival, which is guaranteed to conjure up an atmospheric atmosphere. You only have to wrap the chains around the cones and fix them in some places with hot glue and your carnival table decoration is ready.

Table decoration for carnival ideas cover styrofoam cones with glass beads

Make carnival decorations: make a fool’s cap from cardboard yourself

Carnival tinker fool's cap from construction paper make yourself instructions

Children especially look forward to Mardi Gras and like to do handicrafts. With the next DIY idea, handicraft fun for young and old is guaranteed. Make a fool’s cap out of cardboard. First cut out a 10 cm wide strip of orange cardboard. Measure the child’s head circumference, then calculate the diameter of the fool’s cap. Then cut the strip to size and glue the two ends together. Cut three triangles out of green cardboard and two more triangles out of purple cardboard. Cut two small circles out of the green cardboard and cut another three small circles out of the purple cardboard. Now put the fool’s cap together. Decorate them as you like with stickers or let the child paint them.

Handicrafts carnival: embellish the window with a garland

Handicrafts carnival window balloons cut out of cardboard idea for carnival window decoration

For Mardi Gras, many parents like to make colorful window pictures and garlands, which they then stick to the window in the children’s room. In the photo gallery we offer you some ideas for carnival window decorations. The first idea for carnival decorations for windows can be made of cardboard, fabric or felt. Using a pencil, draw balloon outlines on the cardboard and cut them out. First cut the bottom of one balloon and then the top of another balloon. Then plug the two details together. Similarly, you can also make clouds, stars and other decorative elements yourself.

Carnival decoration window: clown made of cardboard

Carnival window decoration clown handicraft instructions and template

This cute clown is ready in just a few steps. A template for printing and cutting can be found below. Cut the different elements out of cardboard in green, yellow, white, red or blue. You can then use a fineliner to paint the clown’s face. Stick the clown to the glass with transparent double-sided tape or flaunt him on the windowsill.

Carnival decoration window: template for clown

Window decoration carnival template for clown to print and cut out

Carnival window decoration: make your own garland out of paper

Make carnival decoration window clown garland out of paper and pom-poms yourself

Carnival decoration window: make your own clown out of paper

Carnival decoration window clown tinker and hang up as a garland

Tinker window pictures for the carnival: unicorn and stars

Mardi Gras decoration Carnival window pictures make yourself unicorns and stars

Carnival decoration window: template for unicorn with stars

Mardi Gras decoration carnival template for unicorn and stars

Mardi Gras decoration window: make garland from party guards

Carnival tinker make garland from party keepers yourself and paint

Make window pictures for the carnival yourself: castle and unicorn and stars

Make carnival window decorations yourself, tinker with a unicorn and a castle

Template for carnival decoration for windows

Window decoration carnival handicraft template for unicorn and castle

Mardi Gras window decoration: Mardi Gras mask and garland made of felt

Make carnival decoration window jester mask and garland out of felt

Carnival decoration window: make superhero masks yourself

Carnival decoration window cut out superhero masks from paper and paint

Mardi Gras decoration window: Tinker clown out of cardboard with the children 

Window decoration carnival clown from paper tinker ideas

Carnival window decoration: make a garland from children’s newspaper yourself

Crafts carnival window ideas for garland made of newsprint

Beautify the window with a homemade garland made of children’s newspaper. Let the little ones help out and cut out their favorite stories from the children’s newspaper. Then cut triangles of the same size from the paper, which you then stick to a decorative tape. You can also sew this creative garland out of fabric or make it yourself out of tissue paper. You can also use white cardboard and ask the children to decorate the triangles with cute drawings on the theme of “Carnival”.

Make carnival decorations for the windowsill out of wood yourself

Tinker carnival decoration for windows made of wood

Make paper hats

carnival decoration home ideas party hats paper colorful

Great carnival decorations for home are the party hats, which not only belong on your head and are an indispensable accessory, but also create a fun and colorful table decoration. You can put together pretty party huts in no time from colorful paper or cardboard. To do this, cut out a large quarter circle from the sheet of paper in the desired color and roll it up into a bag. Then glue the bag together and cut out the protruding edge. Now you can devote yourself to the decoration and make a small pompom out of tissue paper and attach it to the point. Let your creativity run free and create a decoration that meets your expectations. Mardi Gras decorations for the home are less about realizing a uniform concept. The more colorful the cheerful decoration here, the better.

Make a garland out of muffin cups

carnival decoration for home ideas do it yourself muffinfoermchen purple blue

You can also make various garlands yourself for the carnival decorations. If you want to surprise your family and friends with a unique, colorful garland, you can create a fancy one from muffin cups. Get muffin and praline molds in different sizes and colors and simply thread them together. You are welcome to attach two molds to each other with the opening and simply press others flat. Deliberate, irregular distances also look great.

Carnival decoration at home tinker muffin cases colorful garland

Mardi Gras decoration party at home garlands muffin in orange yellow

Make beautiful paper flowers

carnival decoration home party pompoms flowers lanterns


pompom tinker carnival party decoration at home

Decorate paper lamps

paper lamp colorful decoration idea carnival at home

make carnival decorations at home ikea paper lamps embellish garlands

Cupcake decoration

carnival decoration party cupcake pompom tinker

carnival decoration home party carnival idea cocktail sticks pompoms

carnival decoration house table mask confets garlands feathers

Mardi Gras decoration for home table idea mask peacock feathers

carnival decoration at home sew paper garlands yourself

carnival decoration at home lanterns confetti gluing idea tinker

carnival decoration home cookie mask decoration carnival

Mardi Gras decoration for home table mask fir branches violet accents

carnival decoration ideas house lanterns pink dots stick