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The spectacular comeback of the solid wood dining tables

Dining-tables-made-of-solid wood-lacquered-living trends-cozy-furnishings-living-kitchen-loft

Characteristic of the country house style, the solid wood dining table is one of the furnishings that evoke a warm feeling of rural romance and ensure a special cosiness at home. In recent years, dining tables made of solid wood in classic and modern designs have experienced a revival and are once again conquering the dining area.

Solid wood dining tables – the focus in the dining room

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Solid wood dining tables become the new meeting point in your own four walls. With the new trends and combination solutions, these pieces of furniture can be easily and effectively combined with modern furnishing elements and materials.

Every solid wood table is unique – whether through fine knots and slight color differences in the grain or through its traces of use, patina or surface structure. Solid wood dining tables are now available for every furnishing style and taste – with a smooth or coarse surface, lacquered or naturally treated, in oak, teak, walnut, rosewood, light or dark or in other colors, with straight, carved or conical legs. The material looks and feels natural, smells pleasant and ensures a healthy indoor climate in the dining room.

Solid wood dining tables accompanied by upholstered chairs

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Thanks to their various shapes and designs, the solid wood dining tables fit in well with any room concept and exude cosiness. Individual, unusual or special tables should be skillfully staged with stylish decorative elements.

The eat-in kitchen as the center of hospitality


Coziness is the key here. A wooden table and seating around it invite you to chat. During the day you like to have your coffee here with your family, in the evening you can enjoy a cozy meal here with friends.

Custom-made solid wood dining tables – oval table with bench

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A perfect solid wood table should make it possible to sit comfortably, but also reflect personal style and character. The most important piece of furniture in the eat-in kitchen should be relatively generous so that you can create an island here with enough space for many guests and delicious dishes.

Rectangular solid wood dining table and chairs upholstered in black leather


The classic wooden dining table exudes cosiness

natural wood-solid-dining-table-visible-grain-lacquered-filigree-chandelier-metal-black

Modern combined living and dining room

Chalet-style-furnishing-solid wood table-surface structure-slight color differences

Generous loft

Dining-tables-made-of-solid-wood-slight-color-differences-carpet-loft-furnishing ideas

Elegant furniture solution

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Timeless table design

Solid wood table-grain-lacquered-modern-white-chairs-living-kitchen-furnishing ideas

Dining table group consisting of table, chairs and bench

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Solid wood furniture makes the room look cozy

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Solid wood table-design-signs of use-rough-surface-metal-base


dark-solid-wood-table-top-frame-metal-carpet-oriental-puristic-pendant lamps

bright-dining-tables-made-of-solid-wood-naturally-treated-dining-room-white-table-decoration-candle holders

bright-solid-wood-table-country-style-wooden-chairs-naturally-treated-pendant lamp

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Solid wood table-rough-surface-naturally-treated-Scandinavian-style-chandelier

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Solid wood table-naturally-treated-mediterranean-style-table decoration-candle holder-metal

Rustic-dining table-solid wood-grain-smooth-surface-upholstered chairs-dining room

Solid wood table-dark-oiled-grain-embossed-traces of use-furnishing-trends

Solid wood table-industrial-style-brick-wall-furnishing ideas-metal-chairs