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Solid wood dining table – 8 models by Schulte Design

Solid wood dining table scala furniture white chairs bench

Nowadays it is Solid wood dining table clearly returned – with a new design and more seating area, it creates a cozy atmosphere at home and ensures that you can always offer your guests a seat. These solid wood tables from Schulte Design are an excellent example of modern furniture design. You will surely be able to find your favorite piece of furniture among these fresh and stylish combinations of solid wood dining tables and matching chairs.

Solid wood dining table “Auris”

dining table made of solid wood auris dark wood metal leg noble

This solid wood dining table consists of a dark tabletop and two elegant table legs made of shiny metal. A real eye-catcher in the dining room or dining area!

“Calum” dining table made of solid wood

dining table made of solid wood oval design dark wood calum extendable

If you like the oval design of tables, then this model for the solid wood dining table is just right for you. The Calum dining table is also available in a rectangular and round version, as you will see below.

The “Pavos” dining table

solid wood dining table base pavos benches dining room furnishings

The solid wood Pavos dining table impresses with its light wood and its modern shape. The table top is on a kind of base, with half of the top appearing to float. Furthermore, the plate can be adjusted in different ways.

Pavos dining table with different height settings

solid wood dining table pavos model modern tabletop

Here you can see how you can raise part of the table top. In this way, it can be used in the kitchen to prepare meals. A really practical dining table made of solid wood.

Solid wood for the modern interior

modern construction dining table

The Adora 09 table comes in a dramatic color to become the central piece of furniture in your dining room. And as you can see from the photos, this one is ultra modern Solid wood dining table come combined with matching benches so that customers can design the perfect dining area themselves. Even more so – a special shelf has been mounted on the edge of the table, which offers enough space for a fireplace.

Solid wood dining table – model Calum

dark solid wood table design dining room

Other models that you will surely love are the Calum extendable table in dark color, which is supported by a solid stainless steel construction. The table can be extended from 50cm to 130cm. And the last model that caught our attention – the Mando table looks sophisticated and is perfect for large families. Of the Solid wood dining table, that you need … from Schulte design.

 Extending table for living room

Extending table modern construction

Round dining table for modern furnishings

Dining table – extendable, perfect for small rooms

Solid wood living room furniture

Detail from the extending table

modern extending table solid wood

Wooden table with fireplace

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