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Set up a maritime dining room – aqua colors and symbols of the sea

maritime dining room white-furniture-coral-chairs-oval-wooden table

Bring the maritime look into your kitchen and dining area to create a relaxed and fresh atmosphere. Take a look at the pictures below and get some ideas like you did Set up a maritime dining room can.

Maritime dining room in dark blue

maritime dining room elegant-dark blue-furniture-shelf-decorations

If you want to create a mood in the dining room that is reminiscent of the ocean, the color dark blue is the perfect choice. Dark wooden furniture is also reminiscent of an antique ship and thus creates a particularly original atmosphere. To keep the room from looking too dark, add some white furniture and accessories as well.

Beige tones for a maritime dining room

maritime dining room sand-color-neutral-beige-wall design

Beige tones are in themselves a great choice for the design of rooms, because they have a warm look. And a maritime dining room can also be wonderfully designed in these colors.

Light blue dining room

maritime-dining room-tablecloth-stripes-blue-white-chairs

If ocean blue is too dark for you, choose a light blue shade instead. It also exudes a maritime atmosphere. If the color is combined again with white, a cozy space is guaranteed.

Strong and pastel tones


The turquoise color has a maritime and exotic effect at the same time. This can be combined with any other color, like here with light blue, which occurs in checkered armchairs. A maritime dining room can be designed in many ways.

Maritime dining room eggnot – Ocean blue accents

maritime dining room furnishing kitchen ocean blue tile mirror

A large candle chandelier above the dining table attracts the attention of candles. Starfish and lanterns are scattered on the rustic wooden table. The designer Bruce Palmer also chose ocean blue color palette for the dining table chairs and the tiled mirror in the kitchen area. Patterned parquet flooring is a visually appealing concept for the entire design.

Maritime dining room in sand colors

maritime dining room wall poster seashells wall mirror wooden table

Sand colors give the feeling of a sea breeze in this dining room. A work of art with sea shells on the wall evokes associations about the marine world.

Dark dining room furniture

maritime flair dining room bamboo chairs blue carpet bird cages

A birdcage chandelier is a nod to the waterfowl associated with the beach. Bamboo chairs and a table made of mahogany wood add natural accents, while a blue wool rug and sheer white curtains freshen up the room.

Blue glass top and foot off Driftwood

maritime dining room blue glass tabletop driftwood chandelier

An open floor plan that reminds us of the vast ocean is a central element in this maritime dining room. A number of windows and white walls are used to reflect more light. The table base made of driftwood and the blue glass plate stand in a fascinating contrast. A chandelier made of glass bubbles represents the water and seamlessly connects the kitchen with the adjoining living room.

Blue oars as a wall decoration

maritime dining room wooden table oar cream upholstery

Ocean blue wall paint and light blue furniture

maritime dining room blue chairs lampshade ocean blue wall paint

minimalistic dining room but with a nice atmosphere

maritime dining room elegant turquoise chairs chandelier fish

Dining area in a beach house

beach house dining room furnishing glass top wood base white chairs

Rattan chairs

maritime look dining room rattan chairs orchids white furniture

sunny dining area

maritime dining room terrace floor-to-ceiling glass windows upholstered chairs

dining room set up driftwood twigs mirror frame shabby

maritime dining room rudder mirror frame palm trees blue white stripes

aqua colors dining room turquoise vases light wood rattan chairs

dining room maritime mahogany wood chandelier glass bubbles cooking island

Maritime dining room furnishing sand color rattan chairs

maritime dining area french windows light blue chairs white table


Dining room furnishing light blue coral accents branches wall mirror