dining room

Red dining room for an intense and inviting atmosphere


Passionate and fiery, warm and welcoming, red will bring any dining room to life. As a dramatic red interior design becomes a modern one red dining room create a strong, atmospheric backdrop for evening parties and family gatherings. For a romantic dinner for two a red dining room the perfect setting. Depending on the size of the room and the style chosen can be the red dining room take on many forms.

Red dining room with black marble floor tiles


Dress up Your red dining room fancy! For an extremely opulent appearance, use heavy theatrical curtains made of fine fabrics that create a palatial ambience. Red fabrics look gorgeous, gold curtains equally luxurious, and a touch of silver or gray will look sophisticated, with a little restraint. For a rather sleek and modern look, glossy red hues balance the black and white furniture in a simple geometric red dining room design scheme. In comparison, think how stylish a Mondrian painting would look.

Red dining room – red chandelier and decorative elements


If a total red dining room Seems too extreme for you, this strong, atmospheric color can only be used on accent walls and decorative elements such as fabrics, lights and decorative objects. This is probably the most suitable way to get around a red dining room Insert topic in a smaller setting.

Red dining table, white chairs and black floor


Of course, in order to create a softer atmosphere in the dining room in red, it is possible to choose colors that are less saturated. Red with a bluish hue is quieter and will add a rich cozy ambience to the surroundings. Earthy reds, like terracotta, introduce a relaxed Mediterranean appeal. These more subtle hues will use pleasant warmth without looking too bright. Because of this psychological phenomenon, the red color is the best choice for a dining room facing north because it will create the illusion of warmth in a naturally cool room.

white dining table and striped red accent wall

dining room-white-dining-table-striped-red-accent wall

Red color is fabulous for a space associated with entertainment and enjoying the finer things in life. That’s why it’s the perfect color choice for the modern dining room.

by Jaz

Dining room with red stools and white walls

dining room-red-stool-white-walls

Terracotta color – dining room design idea

terracotta color dining room design idea

red chairs in the dining room – design idea


red accents in the dining room

red accents dining room

red dining room furniture  red-sofa-accent-white-dining area

red accent wall dining room

Snow-white interior design and red furniture


  ultra luxurious red dining room


red paneled chairs – accent in the dining room

  red-chairs-accent-dining room.

red acrylic chairs and red carpet in the dining room