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Mixing chairs: The mix-and-match trend gives your dining room character

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Gone are the days of boring seating groups in the dining room – nowadays there is an eclectic mix of styles, colors and fabrics in the dining area. Furniture that does not fit together at first glance is skillfully combined. The end result is a chic interior, where unique vintage pieces stand alongside minimalist works of art. The mix-and-match trend not only inspires with charming ensembles, but also offers a practical and flexible space solution. Nowadays, the concept of the open living area has successfully established itself – creating a seamless connection between the different areas (kitchen, dining area, living room) is no easy task. All the more so – especially with limited living space, house residents are faced with a major challenge. On the one hand, a small group of seats saves space, on the other hand, it simply does not offer enough seats for guests. We’ll come to your aid and give you some tips on how to mix chairs.

Mixing chairs – the eclectic furnishing style allows certain freedom of design

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It doesn’t always make sense to buy a uniform seating group – designer chairs often cost too much and vintage chairs can only be found as unique pieces at the flea market. Even if you buy 6 chairs from a collection, one can always break. If you mix chairs, however, you always have a way out – you can expand the seating area at any time, or replace individual chairs with others. You have to adhere to a few basic rules:

1. Always create a visual connection between the individual pieces of furniture – For example, all chairs are made of the same wood, or have the same color, or the same height.

2. Keep the dining table as simple as possible – an eclectic mix of styles automatically attracts attention – a simple dining table with clear lines forms the perfect background for imaginative arrangements.

3. First set up the living room and kitchen completely and then adapt the dining area to them. Too much eclecticism looks chaotic. If you have a simple modern kitchen and the living room has a neutral design, you can add extra flair to the room with a mix of chairs.

Mixing chairs – the same chair in different colors

Beginners can fake the look – for example, buy the same chair in different colors. Set accents on the dining table with upholstery in contrasting colors. Such a colorful mix simply works perfectly in purist living areas. Our tip – decorate the wall unit with home accessories in the same accent colors (for example red chair at the table, red vase or red candles). With chairs with upholstery, you have the advantage that you can also re-upholster individual chairs if necessary, and not have to spend money on the entire seating group.

Mixing chairs – same color, different chairs

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Combine different chairs with a similar shape – the mix-and-match trend has become particularly successful in the Scandinavian living style. You can simply buy different wooden chairs and then paint them in one color yourself. Our tip – the white color allows the beautiful silhouette of the individual pieces of furniture to come into their own. If you don’t dare to combine multiple designs, you can start small – just replace one chair at the table.

Retro and modern in an exciting mix of styles

chairs mix wooden table upholstery dining area scandinavian designer

Create attractive contrasts with chairs from different eras. A chair with elaborate wood carving from the Baroque or Biedermeier era can even come into its own next to a modern plastic chair. With these combinations you should trust your instinct, because there are no fixed rules here. Try out several variants and choose the one that best suits your living situation.

By the way, eclectic facilities are particularly popular in the USA. Especially when an old building is being renovated and modernized, interior designers usually create a visual connection between inside and outside through decoration and furniture.

Bench instead of chairs

Mixing chairs sofa furnishing attic

The bench is a practical alternative to a chair – it saves space. It proves to be an extremely functional variant, especially if there is limited living space or if there is not enough space around the dining area. The combination of bench and chairs looks cozy and inviting and can, for example, loosen up the minimalist living style. You can ensure optimal comfort for your guests with seat cushions and cozy blankets.

Materials as a connecting element in the facility

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Traditionally, contrasting materials (concrete and wood, glass and bricks, metal and silk) create tension in the interior, but they are used as connecting elements in eclectic furnishings. Smooth, matt surfaces with a pleasant feel and in a neutral color palette make the dining area appear harmonious and cozy in the photo above.

In the photo gallery below you will find various examples of trendy mix-and-match facilities – let yourself be inspired.

Mixing chairs Combining vintage furniture

Vintage furniture brings a touch of romance to your own four walls – the individual pieces of furniture are effectively staged in the interior shown above. The rattan chair shines in the accent color blue, the chairs made of exotic woods have been repainted. The dark mahogany chair was purposely left untreated – its slightly peeled wood varnish gives the interior additional charm.

chairs mix scandinavian dining area

Fake the look – the dining room is spiced up with decorative cushions and cushions made of different fabrics in contrasting colors. It can be colorful – prints with stripes, natural motifs and even faux fur are possible when decorating.

chairs mix wood design classics

Showcase design classics in the spacious dining room. The chairs and table add a nostalgic touch to the otherwise simple interior – such a dining set is particularly appropriate in old buildings – it creates a visual connection between the facade and the modern interior.

mix chairs scandinavian living style classic white

The white chairs add a fresh touch to the country house style interior and let the wooden table play the main role in the ensemble.

chairs mix upholstery leather wooden chair

Sometimes it is enough to reupholster a chair – this small change alone makes a big difference. Our tip – upholster the chair in an accent color (for example the color of the pendant lights).

chairs mix leather metal upholstery

Even small dining groups can be designed eclectically – creativity is required above all here. Our tip – mix materials and shapes.

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chairs mix wood bench leather upholstery

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