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Dining room design ideas – set exciting black and white contrasts

dining room design eames-chairs-black-white-dining table-parquet

Strong contrasts give the room its very own individual character. Black and white can either have a strict graphic effect or be used as a pattern and appear opulent and romantic. The selected ideas for monochrome Dining room design can help you with your individual design.

Dining room design executed in black and white

dining room design black-white-oval-glass table-chairs-elegant

Optical contrasts enliven the atmosphere in a room. An important rule in design is: less is more. So you can only use contrasts sparingly so that the room does not appear too restless. Once you’ve had enough of that Dining room design in black and white, the home accessories can be exchanged quickly at any time.

Color trends in dining room design

dining room-design-futuristic-pedestal-white-black-chairs-carpet

Black and white contrasts make it possible to create an exciting atmosphere that is a pleasure to be in. If the balance between simple and gaudy is found, a room appears homely and inviting. Trendy patterns and interesting shapes, such as this base for the dining table, can be found in the Dining room design be tastefully mixed.

Lighting as the basis of visual design and perception

dining room-design-upholstered-chairs-white-rivets-black-wooden table

With the right lighting, you can quickly create a cozy living environment. Ceiling washlights are perfect for illuminating the entire dining room as brightly as possible. If the dining room furniture is kept rather dark, a chandelier in white can set a great accent.

Minimalistic dining table

dining room-design-minimalist-elegance-high-gloss-glass-plate-dining-table-idea

Combine unusual patterns

Dining room wall design pattern black and white color scheme

Open shelves look particularly appealing with colorful accessories

Black and white furnishings-colored contrasts-set patterns geometrically

A cabinet with a mirror surface visually enlarges the living space

White dining room design carpet pictures on the wall cabinet mirror

Furnishing trends – black and white in combination with metal 

Designer dining room hanging lamp-metal look white furnishing trend

Combine designer furniture with exclusive pendant lights

Dining room set-upholstered furniture fireplace-built-in carpet design

Monochrome furnishings can be freshened up with decorations in other shades

Dining room furnishing-carpet cantilever chair design-open kitchen

Indirect lighting for dining rooms

Black dining table upholstered furniture, modern furnishings

Dark upholstered furniture, carpets and pendant lights look particularly good with white accessories

Black and white furniture furnishing ideas dining room carpet parquet

Dark upholstered furniture can be combined with wood

Rustic dining room-dining table-wood chairs-black white kitchen

Dining room colors – strong black and white contrasts

Wall design black kitchen-dark brown white ideas

Interior design with color – chandeliers are elegant eye-catchers

Classic furnishings-exciting contrasts-set chandelier hanging-chain chair design

Glossy black and classy white

Chair design black and white upholstered furniture-dining table gloss

Fresh red accents enliven the premises

Dining room furniture set black red glass table modern

Furniture for dining room in contrasting colors

Dining room metal pendant lights glass dining table white chairs design furniture

Ideas for dining room color design

White-black contrasts - hanging lamp glass table design

Modern dining room furniture design contrasts lighting

Dining table design-innovative black and white contrasts-chair design pendant lights

Luxury dining room high gloss black and white noble chandelier furniture design modern

Black and white colors trends interior design-dining room futuristic