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Antique dining table: 37 designer pieces of furniture

Dining table-antique look-plate-wood carving

Antiques bring a romantic touch from the past and give the furnishings an unmistakable charm. A dining table from the Rococo, Baroque or Biedermeir era looks particularly attractive. Together with matching chairs and works of art from the era, the dining tables can be effectively staged in the dining room. Unfortunately, these finds in antique shops or on the flea market are rather rare. Nowadays, however, many manufacturers offer dining tables with an antique look – the noble piece of furniture is decorated with elaborate inlay work, wood carving and can hardly be distinguished from the originals.

Antique look dining table for the traditionally furnished dining room

Dining table-antique-look-oak-chairs-polished-table-top-furnishing ideas

Italians and French have long been known for their magnificent pieces of furniture during the Baroque and Rococo eras. The refined inlays, the polished wooden surface and the turned legs give the furniture individuality and refine the interior in no time at all. Of course, a dining table with an antique look has to be properly staged – a parquet floor and wallpaper with baroque patterns form the perfect background for the furniture. The chairs are traditionally upholstered including the backrest and are also richly decorated.

Antique dining table – what you have to consider when buying?

Dining table-antique-wood-extendable-wood carving-upholstered chairs-white

Even if the dining table in the antique look is not really a vintage piece of furniture, you can fool the impression – it is especially important that the furniture is from a limited series, or one-off, that it has the characteristics of the selected era and that it are made of solid wood. In the photo gallery below we show you some suggestions from renowned furniture stores in Europe – maybe their new dining room set is among them.

The Carpanelli collection – style and precision manufacturing

Dining table-antique-long-extendable-long-armrests

Richly decorated table legs and perfect manufacture down to the smallest details

Dining table-antique-wood-legs-solid-lacquered

Oval dining table in antique look

Dining table-antique-dining table-solid wood-turned-legs-baroque

Long extendable dining table made of valuable pine wood

Dining table-antique-extendable-baroque-furniture-vintage-dining area

A long dining table and matching chairs form the dining area with an antique look

Dining table-antique-extendable-twelve-seat-chairs

Furnishing in a noble baroque look – dining room set

Dining-table-antique-chairs-set-dining room-furnishing

Round folding dining table with extension offers space for 6

Dining-table-antique-round table-baroque-chairs-look-antaueschen

The dining room set with a pedestal table with a glass top looks regally noble

Dining table-antique look-glass top-chairs-armrests-dining area

To the collection of Carpanelli

The Arredoclassic collection

Dining table-antique-white-gold-plated-edges-chairs-baroque living style

The gold-plated table edges refine the look

Dining table-antique-white-gold-plated-edges-dining area-baroque-design

Another furniture set in white and gold


Mediterranean touch with white dining room set in French country house style

Dining table-antique-white-six-chairs-turned-legs



Dining table-antique-chairs-upholstered-backrest-showcase

Dining table-antique-dining room-dresser-showcase-rococo style

Dining table-antique-dark-mahogany-inlay-Biedermeier

Dining table-antique-extendable-four-chairs-set-noble

To the collection of Arredoclassic

The Caroti collection

Dining table in the antique look with colonial-style chairs

Dining table-antique-furniture-colonial style-red-exotic-wood-pine

Dining table-antique-inlay-compass-tabletop

Dining table-antique-colonial style-furniture-chairs-leather seat-camel-color

To the furniture by Carotid

The Corte Zari collection

Dining table-antique-white-wood carving-turned-legs


Dining table-antique-solid wood-mahogany-white-chairs

To the furniture by Corte Zari

 Modenese Gastone furniture – pure luxury

Dining table-antique-chairs-baroque-style-upholstered-silver



Dining table-antique-solid wood-white-chairs-French-country house style


Dining table-antique-wood-solid-red-velvet-upholstery-chairs

Dining table-antique-fanzoian-country house style-white-chairs-upholstery

Dining table-antique-wood carving-french-country style

Dining table-antique-dining room-wooden furniture-set up


To the furniture by Modenese Gastone