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35 solid wood furniture ideas – the dining table made of tree trunk

solid wood furniture ideas light wood chairs elegant white stairs dining area

We offer you 35 Solid wood furniture ideas, which you can build yourself or simply commission your carpenter to do the job on site. This time we have collected 35 examples of a tree trunk dining table for you. The table is provided with a top in a natural look.

Solid wood furniture ideas – dining table with natural edge

solid wood furniture ideas modern rustic chairs pendant lights shelf check pattern

You can buy a table top made of tree trunk from the hardware store or from the local wood supplier / they are even sold on Amazon /. This should be sawn lengthways – this is how the beautiful grain comes into its own. Otherwise the panels will be delivered without further processing. Irregular shapes and cracks are seen as eye-catchers and not as defects.

Solid wood furniture ideas in light color

solid wood furniture ideas dining table baenke bright wood kitchen rustic

The appropriate substructure is then selected on site – it should be able to support the tree trunk plate. The table top is then sanded and painted. And the latest addition to the living area is ready. The dining table has a rustic look, but fits perfectly with both classic and modern furnishings. If the design is combined with classic upholstered chairs or chairs with leather covers, then it can spice up a country-style interior. Modern acrylic chairs or metal chairs, on the other hand, create a visual connection to the living room and kitchen in a minimalist look. You will find several attached Solid wood furniture ideas for inspiration – the dining tables give every room character and are guaranteed to attract attention. Perhaps because of this / and also because the construction of such a table is actually quite inexpensive / they are very popular on the other side of the ocean.

Solid wood dining table with an interesting pattern

solid wood furniture ideas tree trunk table top metal legs

Idea for the dining table with matching benches

solid wood furniture ideas dining table bench tree trunk metal black legs

Solid wood furniture ideas – modern and homely at the same time

Tree trunk milled length tabletop red leather chairs

Ideas fireplace natural stone wall pendant lamp

Fireplace, wooden ceiling and tree trunk table

Furniture table tree trunk plate build yourself

Modern country style – table with a tree trunk top and wooden beams on the ceiling

Build your own table accent light handwoven chairs

Long tree trunk table made of dark beech wood in combination with light rattan chairs

Dining table design natural wood look stylishly elegant

Tree trunk table with an interesting shape as a connecting element in the large living area

Dining table beech original shape chairs leather

 Tree trunk table next to the kitchen with natural wood fronts

Dining table lacquer leather chairs pendant lamp

Oak wood for the solid table in the dining room – the attractive grain of the table top will not let your eyes go

modern furnishing leather upholstery pendant lamp wooden table

The tree trunk table has a pleasant feel and natural look

solid wood furniture dining table build yourself metal legs

white chairs dining table light oak tree trunk

Solid wood furniture to furnish dining room in a modern way

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modern stylish original construction plate

Wood laminate flooring white upholstered chairs fireplace

Leather chairs modern furnishing ideas laminate floor

Ideas metal legs chairs original idea

Wooden furniture original shape furnishing ideas

Ideas natural wood table top two bench seats

Oak red chairs modern dining room high ceiling

Solid wood furniture dining room tree trunk plate

Design ideas natural stone wall solid wood furniture

Table made modern stylish cross legs

Dining table design ideas grain oak