Dining room, furniture

Plastic furniture – simply fantastic!

Designed by JSPR

exciting furniture design - white furniture-dining room

JSPR is a Danish interior design company founded by Jasper van Grootel in 2005. He graduated from the Academy of Design in Eindhoven, headed by the architect Oscar Penya, and soon after founded his own company. Since then he has presented high quality design and innovative creativity. The furniture is an interesting mix of different styles and materials, which always results in a unique design.

Plastic furniture is being redesigned by JSPR

exciting design - classic rubber furniture

JSPR is mostly with theirs Plastic furniture Collection known. Jasper von Grooter created this modern furniture himself. He started designing the collection in 2005 and added new pieces of furniture every year. All furniture is designed with classic furniture design, but made from an original material. Every piece of furniture from the Plastic furniture is covered with a thick layer of rubber. The rubber itself is of high quality and manufactured using a special JSPR technology. It is a soft, but at the same time durable and very flexible material. It offers comfort and is durable.

Classic-modern? The new plastic furniture

modern plastic furniture

the Plastic furniture Collection consists of several designs. Several models of chairs, lounge chairs, tables, benches and boxes, a lamp, a sofa with cushions, even candlesticks are offered. Each piece is covered with rubber and available in any color. There is a choice of single or multi-colored designs. The monochrome version looks amazing and looks more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture. You can use the whole living room and dining room with the Plastic furniture from the collection. The classic interior is being redesigned and given a new expression.

By K.H. Christova

Plastic sofa - red

interesting furniture design – white table

interesting design - white table

Decoration on the blue chair

blue chair - detail

modern furniture in white for the living room

modern furniture for the living room