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Modern round glass dining table – “Ac” by Molteni

Modern round glass table - Ac by Molteni

Which table can easily suit your needs? A wooden one, or maybe one made of metal? The material is what plays an important role in every piece of furniture. Each material has a different effect, so it’s always good to compare their properties. A Glass dining table for example has the ability to add a smooth and sensual feeling to your living room. Somehow, glass is associated with purity and innocence. It is easy to break and will often actually break. But that is the advantage of this smooth material.

Elegant glass dining table in the room

Modern round glass table - Ac by Molteni -fern

Then how do you find one Glass dining table, that is inspired by modern architecture and art, and is also stylish and elegant? Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a large glass dining table Italian furniture company Molteni: Of the AC dining table. This dining table is from Foster & Partners and its sculptural base consists of a mixture of cement and organic fibers. The elegant piece of furniture is available in white or gray.

More modern AC dining table

Modern round glass table - close

The Ac dining table is actually a work of art with its round or oval table top made of tempered glass, which allows a clear view of the pedestal. The table top dimensions are 130, 140 or 150 cm in diameter (round), or 200 by 130 cm (oval). If you want, you can combine this dining table with some modern chairs, or an extra-large chandelier. This round table is more perfect for your living space so it looks much brighter and tidy.