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Innovative swing dining table for more fun while eating


We present you an innovative new design – the swing-Dining table promises a lot of fun eating with family and friends! Remember summer with this enchanted design.

Modern swing dining table with an interesting construction


The designer of innovative design – the swing-Dining table / in English – called Swing Table / wanted to create a fun interior that not only looks interesting, but also looks very cozy. He puts a lot of emphasis on the fun and entertainment factor. That’s why Christopher Duffy decided on a large table with a peculiar construction. It not only suits the minimalist and purist look, but also the Scandinavian style. Eight chairs and a chandelier in origami look hang on a structure above the stable table. You feel free and floating over the room like a balloon.

Rocking dining table for the modern apartment

white swing table dining room

The swing-Dining table may look like a children’s toy, but you are mistaken – the stainless steel reinforced construction is stable and extremely durable. The wooden table is big enough and can alternatively be used in the conference room. Another practical solution is to install a swing table in the office in the kitchen. The modern design is available in several colors – natural light wood and white chairs, black table and dining chairs, or orange chairs with black construction. The piece of furniture can set accents in the interior and will always remind you of the beautiful time in summer in the garden.

Swing dining table – creative idea

puristic furniture swing table

The innovative design of the modern swing-Dining table practically creates space in the room and redefines the volume. It’s for everyone who is feeling young and who wants to have fun with friends, colleagues and family. The model is created for creative natures and with a lot of love for the details, so that a uniform scheme is created. In any case, you have to have enough space and a stable floor that the construction will withstand.

Black rocking table by Christopher Duffy


minimalist decor for dining room

minimalistic-puristic-interior-dining room