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Innovative acrylic dining table design by ‘Colico Design’ from Italy


Acrylic dining table design -transparent-glass-plastic-molded-chair-violet-extravagant

First is the idea of ​​one Acrylic dining table design maybe not conjure up particularly exciting pictures. But prepare for a surprise! With an exciting design twist, this rousing “Oste” table by “Colico Design” will change many preconceived ideas.

Acrylic dining table design

Acrylic dining table design -transparent-see-through-table legs-turned

The form of the Acrylic dining table will fit into any decorative interior design scheme and create a fantastic focal point in the dining room. Just imagine! … what a fantastic contrast this wonderful object would create if it was placed in a minimalist interior. On the other hand, if you want to transform a traditional room into something with a real “wow” factor, swap out your conventional wooden plank for one of these remarkable tables. For a pure impression of wealth, the glittering ‘Oste table’ is matched by a dazzling chandelier.

The innovative acrylic dining table design – focal point in the dining room

Acrylic dining table design -crystal-chandelier-transparent-crystal-gold-luxury

This beautiful one Acrylic dining table is not only great looking, but is also infinitely practical. It’s light and easy to move and made from tough, wear-resistant methacrylate. Although the table obviously takes place in physical space, its transparent property prevents it from looking too dominant, even in a smaller space. Conveniently, this is splendid Acrylic dining table design available in a number of variations and sizes, making it adaptable to all shapes and sizes of dining room.

The innovative acrylic dining table design is like from a fantasy world

Acrylic dining table design -transparent-see-through-glass-table-legs-turned

The delicacy of this dining table is one of its most attractive features. Light reacts with it to give it a shine. The reflected light reinforces the curves and defines fine linear elements. Despite its unconventional appearance, the meticulous crafting of the details ensures sophistication and quality Acrylic dining table design not missing.

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