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Grange – the master of cabinets for the perfect room design


Stylish closets for that perfect Room design offer the professional interior consultants from the French company Grange. They are known for their elegant wooden furniture and cheerful designs. We present you some elegant and tasteful designs that are sure to inspire you.

Grange – for elegant room design

sky blue color furniture living room

This French furniture manufacturer was founded more than a century ago and over time has perfected their cabinets and wooden furniture. The traditional production of wooden cabinets has been modernized through innovative production techniques without compromising the high quality and appearance of the furniture. the perfect room design According to the designers at Grange, it is practical, but at the same time luxurious, comfortable, but compact, and must be combined with the right furniture.

Grange – classic furniture with an innovative twist for the perfect room design


The focus of Grange’s activity is of course on wooden furniture, where a large collection of different durable and beautiful designs is offered. the perfect room design includes interior ideas that skillfully combine artistic furniture and color schemes. And indeed – if you look around at Grange, at least several interior designs catch your eye and you can hardly decide on one. The furniture company keeps its interest in all news and is always open to suggestions.

The perfect room design – color schemes


Interesting fabrics and elegant colors in different combinations attract attention. Charming pink, light blue or orange-brown – the decision is in your hands. The wooden furniture combines the characteristic features of classic furniture with rustic elements and comfortable soft upholstery.

The Grange collections – the editor’s choice

Pompadur Cabinet Collection Grange

We just fell in love with the collection from 1904 – the elegant elements in retro style, the elegant light wood color of the furniture and the decoration – ceramics attract everyone’s attention. The Pompadur collection is proof that classic furniture can be produced using modern techniques.

Unforgettable designs and color schemes define the collections of Grange.


Purple living room

purple-living room-sofa-lower-coffee-table

Sky-blue wallpaper and sofa

sky-blue-wallpaper-sofa-carpet-living room

Elegant open closet-bookcase


Bedroom hermitage-yellow bench

Bedroom hermitage yellow bench

Brown-orange color scheme in the cabinet

brown-orange color scheme cabinet