Dining room, furniture

Dining room, furniture

Elegant dining tables from Ign.Design

Elegant tables from Ign.Design

Dining tables who bring us together for a nice chat over a glass of wine and a special meal. We just cannot ignore the fact that this piece of furniture is the center of communication. A beautiful table makes the house a better place for us and our guests. Dinner with friends at home is always a great way to spend our time together.

Elegant table by Ign.Design

Elegant tables from Ign.Design - white

Ign.Design is a company that specializes in solid wood furniture and the elegant Dining tables and beds produced. The furniture is made from raw boards that are polished and varnished without losing their natural look. It is easy to combine this wood with various other elements. These pieces of furniture are made from high quality solid wood and are made by artists like Christiane von Savigny and Michael Stratmann designed. They use the natural resources of this traditional material, which contrasts with elements such as avant-garde metal or “archaic” concrete.

interesting design

Elegant tables from Ign.Design - solid wood

the Wooden tables are a mix between modern and traditional. These elegant dining tables are big and sustainable. All you need is a dozen guests for dinner and the atmosphere will be rounded. A new solid wood dining table is an ideal setting for your dining room and their presence will always be particularly appreciated by guests. You can get more information at Ign.Design receive.

Elegant tables by Ign.Design - red

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Dining room, furniture

Stylish dining room furniture with a retro look

The Ottawa Collection designed by Karim Rashid for BoConcept

Furniture for dining room from Ottawa Collection

This elegant dining room furniture collection has been created with an obvious reference to the iconic designs of the 50s and 60s. Karim Rashid has worked with stylized leaf shapes and linear shapes to create something unique and entirely in keeping with contemporary tastes. These Dining room furniture are minimalist, but also strange. Simple, but certainly not boring. The “Ottawa” collection  makes a clear impression. There’s definitely a “less is more” touch to Rashid’s work. The simplicity of his style allows the shapes and lines in his work to “breathe”, as a result of which he maintains a youthful freshness and energy. These Dining room furniture are ideal not only for people with good taste, but also for those who love fun and are full of life.

Colorful version of the stylish dining room furniture

colorful furniture for dining room

The “Ottawa” collection from Dining room furniture includes a table, chairs, a cupboard and a buffet. Also, Karim Rashid has created a range of fun, colorful, and possibly eccentric accessories to complement his furniture. Ideal for relaxing and entertaining dinner parties or chilling out with friends after a hard day (or week) in the city. These Dining room furniture instantly gain attention and admiration.

Wooden buffet from the Ottawa collection

Wooden buffet from the Ottawa collection

Though the appearance of the Rashids Dining room furniture is light and delicate, be sure that the fine legs are positioned on the chairs, cupboard and sideboard and that all items are comfortably stable. An additional attraction is the selection and combination of materials and colors. These are interchangeable so that you can design your dining area either by choosing a color-neutral combination or with colorful pieces of furniture. Whichever combination you choose, you can be sure that it will make a dynamic and visually exciting impression.

amazing black and white carpet with fingerprint

Fingerprint rug from the Ottawa collection

An amazing black and white carpet is definitely one of the eye-catching accessories for this piece of furniture. It is embellished with a powerful fingerprint motif and according to the designer, it should symbolize individuality and uniqueness. He wants to promote the right of every person to express themselves and their design taste. So maybe you will stand up for your independence and be confident enough to break free from expectations and conventions.

From Jaz

white carpet from Ottawa collection

Ottawa Collection by Karim Rashid

Dining table from Ottawa collection

Buffet from the Ottawa Collection Buffet from the Ottawa collection in green

Closet from Ottawa Collection

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Dining room, furniture

Innovative acrylic dining table design by ‘Colico Design’ from Italy


Acrylic dining table design -transparent-glass-plastic-molded-chair-violet-extravagant

First is the idea of ​​one Acrylic dining table design maybe not conjure up particularly exciting pictures. But prepare for a surprise! With an exciting design twist, this rousing “Oste” table by “Colico Design” will change many preconceived ideas.

Acrylic dining table design

Acrylic dining table design -transparent-see-through-table legs-turned

The form of the Acrylic dining table will fit into any decorative interior design scheme and create a fantastic focal point in the dining room. Just imagine! … what a fantastic contrast this wonderful object would create if it was placed in a minimalist interior. On the other hand, if you want to transform a traditional room into something with a real “wow” factor, swap out your conventional wooden plank for one of these remarkable tables. For a pure impression of wealth, the glittering ‘Oste table’ is matched by a dazzling chandelier.

The innovative acrylic dining table design – focal point in the dining room

Acrylic dining table design -crystal-chandelier-transparent-crystal-gold-luxury

This beautiful one Acrylic dining table is not only great looking, but is also infinitely practical. It’s light and easy to move and made from tough, wear-resistant methacrylate. Although the table obviously takes place in physical space, its transparent property prevents it from looking too dominant, even in a smaller space. Conveniently, this is splendid Acrylic dining table design available in a number of variations and sizes, making it adaptable to all shapes and sizes of dining room.

The innovative acrylic dining table design is like from a fantasy world

Acrylic dining table design -transparent-see-through-glass-table-legs-turned

The delicacy of this dining table is one of its most attractive features. Light reacts with it to give it a shine. The reflected light reinforces the curves and defines fine linear elements. Despite its unconventional appearance, the meticulous crafting of the details ensures sophistication and quality Acrylic dining table design not missing.

From Jaz

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Dining room, furniture

Modern round glass dining table – “Ac” by Molteni

Modern round glass table - Ac by Molteni

Which table can easily suit your needs? A wooden one, or maybe one made of metal? The material is what plays an important role in every piece of furniture. Each material has a different effect, so it’s always good to compare their properties. A Glass dining table for example has the ability to add a smooth and sensual feeling to your living room. Somehow, glass is associated with purity and innocence. It is easy to break and will often actually break. But that is the advantage of this smooth material.

Elegant glass dining table in the room

Modern round glass table - Ac by Molteni -fern

Then how do you find one Glass dining table, that is inspired by modern architecture and art, and is also stylish and elegant? Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a large glass dining table Italian furniture company Molteni: Of the AC dining table. This dining table is from Foster & Partners and its sculptural base consists of a mixture of cement and organic fibers. The elegant piece of furniture is available in white or gray.

More modern AC dining table

Modern round glass table - close

The Ac dining table is actually a work of art with its round or oval table top made of tempered glass, which allows a clear view of the pedestal. The table top dimensions are 130, 140 or 150 cm in diameter (round), or 200 by 130 cm (oval). If you want, you can combine this dining table with some modern chairs, or an extra-large chandelier. This round table is more perfect for your living space so it looks much brighter and tidy.

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Dining room, furniture

Plastic furniture – simply fantastic!

Designed by JSPR

exciting furniture design - white furniture-dining room

JSPR is a Danish interior design company founded by Jasper van Grootel in 2005. He graduated from the Academy of Design in Eindhoven, headed by the architect Oscar Penya, and soon after founded his own company. Since then he has presented high quality design and innovative creativity. The furniture is an interesting mix of different styles and materials, which always results in a unique design.

Plastic furniture is being redesigned by JSPR

exciting design - classic rubber furniture

JSPR is mostly with theirs Plastic furniture Collection known. Jasper von Grooter created this modern furniture himself. He started designing the collection in 2005 and added new pieces of furniture every year. All furniture is designed with classic furniture design, but made from an original material. Every piece of furniture from the Plastic furniture is covered with a thick layer of rubber. The rubber itself is of high quality and manufactured using a special JSPR technology. It is a soft, but at the same time durable and very flexible material. It offers comfort and is durable.

Classic-modern? The new plastic furniture

modern plastic furniture

the Plastic furniture Collection consists of several designs. Several models of chairs, lounge chairs, tables, benches and boxes, a lamp, a sofa with cushions, even candlesticks are offered. Each piece is covered with rubber and available in any color. There is a choice of single or multi-colored designs. The monochrome version looks amazing and looks more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture. You can use the whole living room and dining room with the Plastic furniture from the collection. The classic interior is being redesigned and given a new expression.

By K.H. Christova

Plastic sofa - red

interesting furniture design – white table

interesting design - white table

Decoration on the blue chair

blue chair - detail

modern furniture in white for the living room

modern furniture for the living room


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Dining room, furniture

Innovative swing dining table for more fun while eating


We present you an innovative new design – the swing-Dining table promises a lot of fun eating with family and friends! Remember summer with this enchanted design.

Modern swing dining table with an interesting construction


The designer of innovative design – the swing-Dining table / in English – called Swing Table / wanted to create a fun interior that not only looks interesting, but also looks very cozy. He puts a lot of emphasis on the fun and entertainment factor. That’s why Christopher Duffy decided on a large table with a peculiar construction. It not only suits the minimalist and purist look, but also the Scandinavian style. Eight chairs and a chandelier in origami look hang on a structure above the stable table. You feel free and floating over the room like a balloon.

Rocking dining table for the modern apartment

white swing table dining room

The swing-Dining table may look like a children’s toy, but you are mistaken – the stainless steel reinforced construction is stable and extremely durable. The wooden table is big enough and can alternatively be used in the conference room. Another practical solution is to install a swing table in the office in the kitchen. The modern design is available in several colors – natural light wood and white chairs, black table and dining chairs, or orange chairs with black construction. The piece of furniture can set accents in the interior and will always remind you of the beautiful time in summer in the garden.

Swing dining table – creative idea

puristic furniture swing table

The innovative design of the modern swing-Dining table practically creates space in the room and redefines the volume. It’s for everyone who is feeling young and who wants to have fun with friends, colleagues and family. The model is created for creative natures and with a lot of love for the details, so that a uniform scheme is created. In any case, you have to have enough space and a stable floor that the construction will withstand.

Black rocking table by Christopher Duffy


minimalist decor for dining room

minimalistic-puristic-interior-dining room

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Dining room, furniture

Grange – the master of cabinets for the perfect room design


Stylish closets for that perfect Room design offer the professional interior consultants from the French company Grange. They are known for their elegant wooden furniture and cheerful designs. We present you some elegant and tasteful designs that are sure to inspire you.

Grange – for elegant room design

sky blue color furniture living room

This French furniture manufacturer was founded more than a century ago and over time has perfected their cabinets and wooden furniture. The traditional production of wooden cabinets has been modernized through innovative production techniques without compromising the high quality and appearance of the furniture. the perfect room design According to the designers at Grange, it is practical, but at the same time luxurious, comfortable, but compact, and must be combined with the right furniture.

Grange – classic furniture with an innovative twist for the perfect room design


The focus of Grange’s activity is of course on wooden furniture, where a large collection of different durable and beautiful designs is offered. the perfect room design includes interior ideas that skillfully combine artistic furniture and color schemes. And indeed – if you look around at Grange, at least several interior designs catch your eye and you can hardly decide on one. The furniture company keeps its interest in all news and is always open to suggestions.

The perfect room design – color schemes


Interesting fabrics and elegant colors in different combinations attract attention. Charming pink, light blue or orange-brown – the decision is in your hands. The wooden furniture combines the characteristic features of classic furniture with rustic elements and comfortable soft upholstery.

The Grange collections – the editor’s choice

Pompadur Cabinet Collection Grange

We just fell in love with the collection from 1904 – the elegant elements in retro style, the elegant light wood color of the furniture and the decoration – ceramics attract everyone’s attention. The Pompadur collection is proof that classic furniture can be produced using modern techniques.

Unforgettable designs and color schemes define the collections of Grange.


Purple living room

purple-living room-sofa-lower-coffee-table

Sky-blue wallpaper and sofa

sky-blue-wallpaper-sofa-carpet-living room

Elegant open closet-bookcase


Bedroom hermitage-yellow bench

Bedroom hermitage yellow bench

Brown-orange color scheme in the cabinet

brown-orange color scheme cabinet

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Dining room, furniture

Amazing futuristic dining table design

futuristic dining table design furnishing-apartment-dining room-table top

“Erosion II” by Joseph Walsh is a breathtaking one futuristic dining table design and would provide a good talking point in the modern home. If you are lucky enough to own it, you will see a truly unique piece that has achieved the highest quality of superb craftsmanship. Each piece in Joseph Walsh’s “Erosion” series is individually styled. Mass production had no place in an exclusive workshop from this talented designer. Created as an art form, this futuristic dining table is almost too beautiful to be used. The shape is sculptural, elegant and dynamic at the same time. Joseph Walsh said about this futuristic dining table design that he wanted


Elegant futuristic dining table design by Joseph Walsh


“… Emphasize the pattern of erosion, the energy of the material removal is recorded in the remaining form. This relationship between erosion and the original composition is revealed in a layered fluid pattern. “

To create the breathtaking effect and a futuristic dining table design, the dining table is made from a combination of high-quality wood – Burr olive tree. To improve the natural look of the wood, Walsh used a special varnish with white pigment.

Futuristic dining table design made of high quality wood

futuristic dining table design white-wood-furniture-original

Obviously this is futuristic dining table design Intended for practical use and has a perfectly balanced stable appearance. In fact, it has been crafted so that the base and top appear to be in one piece. Although narrow and delicate in many ways, the curved elements become strong supports for the generous tabletop. That futuristic dining table design is completely natural in inspiration and appearance. “Erosion II” shows an elegant structure suggesting tree roots, eroded timber, possibly even driftwood and rock formations. Walsh’s futuristic dining table design could not be valued simply as a creative response to natural shapes, but as a complex celebration of the cycle of life. by Jaz

Elegant design


Chair design


The wonderful “Erosion II” dining table

Sideways glance from the futuristic dining table

Futuristic dining table design – also in combination with a chair

futuristic dining table with chair

Original chair design

futuristic wooden chair design by Joseph Walsh

The Erosion II dining table by Joseph Walsh from Ireland

Erosion II - futuristic dining table by Joseph Walsh

Organic forms

futuristic dining table by Joseph Walsh

Solid wood

futuristic dining table made of olive tree by Joseph Walsh

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