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Italian furnishing ideas – royal dining and bedroom furniture

elegant photo wall bedroom

GIMO is a world-famous Italian furniture manufacturer that with its handmade dining room and Bedroom furniture has earned worldwide recognition. Their designs are very popular not only in Italy but also in Western Europe, North America and many other parts of the world. The company represents the unique Italian style and creativity as well as first class quality.

Italian dining room and bedroom furniture in royal style

royal-style dining room

GIMO is undisputedly one of the best examples of a mix between tradition and modernity. Its rich, regal dining room and Bedroom furniture fascinate and inspire many young designers around the world. But why is it that GIMO is so special? The answer to this question starts with another question – what actually is GIMO? It is not a company, distributor or seller – it is in fact a consortium made up of many different independent furniture companies. Each furniture manufacturer has its unique style and has brought excellent collections to the market.

Quality bedroom furniture from GIMO

classic bedroom design chandelier

The group of 16 companies contributes to the rich design palette of dining rooms and Bedroom furniture at that of GIMO is offered. They are mostly located in the area close to Florence and Pisa, and have come together for innovative ideas and creative solutions. The result was something really unique – really high quality Italian fine furniture. Thanks to GIMO, all 16 Italian companies have managed to conquer the international market and to popularize Italian furniture and decoration with their wonderful creations.

Elegant classic designs


The strength of the consortium lies in the talent of the designers, who are always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration. GIMO has become a symbol of the best Italian furniture. Longstanding tradition and furniture are hidden behind the name. Let yourself be inspired by these fabulous designs and combine classic furniture with a modern twist in your interior.

White dressing table bedroom

 white dressing table bedroom

Modern walk-in closet bedroom

modern-walk-in-closet-bedroom-glass door

Big white bookcase

large white bookcase living room

White bedroom with an elegant bedside table

modern-white-bedroom-bedside table

Yellow accents in the living room

yellow accents living room reading nook

Modern office furniture leather chair

modern office furniture leather chair

Modern living area with blue wall

blue wall living room

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