LCHF Diet: How can you lose weight with healthy fats and proteins?

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The Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet is a form of nutrition in which the amount of carbohydrates is greatly reduced. The body gets the energy it needs from the fats and proteins it supplies. The concept is based on a simple principle: you eat little carbohydrates, but a lot of fat, which makes you feel full for a long time. In this way, the daily calorie intake is reduced and you lose weight. How exactly the LCHF diet works, what you can eat and for whom the diet is suitable, we reveal in the article!

Lose weight with fatty foods or how does the LCHF diet work?

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The low carb diet is certainly familiar to many. However, in order to effectively lose weight by avoiding carbohydrates, you should also include fatty products in your daily menu. Healthy fats in particular are good sources of energy because they keep you full for a long time and prevent food cravings. In addition, fat is a good flavor carrier and makes every meal a real pleasure. Therefore, the LCHF diet sounds like a dream come true – feasting on fatty food and losing weight at the same time.

The LCHF diet has different variants. The classic distribution of nutrients is usually as follows: 5% carbohydrates, 75% fat and 20% protein. The carbohydrates are mainly supplied from natural sources, such as vegetables and lettuce. High quality fat and protein are also central to this nutritional plan.

What can you eat on the Low Carb High Fat Diet??

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With the LCHF diet, you can mainly enjoy low-carbohydrate food and consume lots of healthy fats. But which fats are actually considered healthy? These include, on the one hand, the monounsaturated fatty acids, because they are easy to digest and have a positive effect on the cholesterol level. On the other hand, the polyunsaturated fatty acids are just as healthy, but only if you don’t consume too much of them.

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For example, they are considered good suppliers of monounsaturated fatty acids the different varieties of avocado, with which you can prepare delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be used to prepare tasty salads, healthy smoothies and sophisticated desserts. Other foods that are monounsaturated fats include olives, olive oil, canola oil, and peanut butter.

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the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats and are healthy in a certain proportion. Since the body cannot produce these itself, they should be taken in with food. Most foods provide significantly more omega-6, so you can get omega-3 from walnuts, linseed oil, fatty sea fish and chia seeds, for example.

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In addition to healthy fats, the LCHF diet allows you to eat other foods that are low in carbohydrates but contain more protein and fats. Suitable foods for the low carb high fat eating plan are listed below.

  • Eggs of any shape, e.g. B. cooked, omelette, scrambled eggs
  • fatty fish, e.g. B. salmon, mackerel, herring
  • Seafood and shellfish e.g. B. Prawns, mussels
  • Meat of any kind, e.g. B. pork, beef, game, lamb, poultry
  • Low-carbohydrate vegetables, e.g. B. all types of cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, avocado, peppers, mushrooms, etc..
  • homemade sauces without sugar, e.g. B. Mayonnaise, Béarnaise sauce, Dijon mustard
  • dry spices without glutamate
  • fresh herbs
  • Nuts, e.g. B. almonds, cashews, macadamia
  • Oils and fats, e.g. B. olive oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, clarified butter, lard

Although the LCHF diet includes many tasty, high-fat foods, there are still products that should be avoided. These include, for example, starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, corn, and cereal products such as pasta, bread, cereal, and cookies. Sugar, margarine, sweeteners and high-carbohydrate fruits such as bananas and grapes do not fit into the diet either.

For whom is the LCHF diet suitable??

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With a low carb high fat diet you can not only get slimmer, but also lower your own blood sugar level. Therefore, the diet is especially suitable for people with high blood fat levels, high blood pressure, insomnia and other chronic diseases. For people with type 2 diabetes and cancer, the LCHF diet should also be positive, as sugar is completely avoided.