How do I eat properly? – Follow a nutritional regime or diet

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Have you ever taken a close look at what’s actually on your plate? There are definitely more fries, noodles, schnitzel lying there than salad, peas, broccoli, etc. Our favorite products are known to be quite unhealthy, especially for children. Numerous studies have shown that eating right can actually help lower the levels of cholesterol and other harmful substances in the body. There are no generally applicable dietary rules because every person is individual, but it is not too late to finally make positive changes to our eating habits. If you get an inner interest in it, you then have many opportunities to do something good for your body. So the first step to healthy living is: one nutritional regime and one every now and then Keep a diet.

Maintain a healthy eating plan or diet

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Eating with the food pyramid is the easiest. It has different levels of food and you could orient yourself by what is good for your body or not. Grain products, beverages and plant-based foods form the basis. At the Keep a diet the products in the lower part of the pyramid are recommended. Animal foods are in the middle. In the top are oils, fats, sweets, alcohol, snacks. The higher a product is, the more economical it should be.

How often do you eat – the correct frequency of meals

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As a rule, a portion should be a measure of the hand: in other words, it should correspond to the entire palm of the hand with outstretched fingers. A palm is the measure for fruit and vegetables, as well as for a portion of fish. With potatoes, pasta, frozen vegetables, lettuce and small fruits such as peas and berries, you can afford two handfuls. In the case of sweets – no more than the palm of your hand. The more often you eat, the less per meal, and the other way round, the less you eat, the more at once. Three main meals and up to two small snacks in between are ideal.

Lettuce leaves are not a decoration! 

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White sugar and saturated fatty acids should be reduced in your daily menu. Make a note of the color of the vegetables – orange, yellow and green must be on the plate every day. Every healthy diet includes:

– 2 to 3 liters of water (filtered or mineral), freshly squeezed juice and herbal tea

– Demand-based, high-fiber products

– Supply of vital substances

– adequate intake of proteins

– a lot of movement

– Little stress

So eat as varied as possible, enjoy the food and, last but not least, combine all these efforts with exercise!

To be fit – diet and exercise

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