Gaining weight healthily – nutrition plan for the underweight

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While most people try all possible diets in order to be able to lose weight successfully, others complain of being underweight and try by all means to put a few pounds on their hips. Gaining weight healthily is your main goal?

Take the first steps to gain weight healthily

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Gaining weight healthily is a long process that requires a little patience. Gaining weight healthily means keeping fat tissue in check and building muscle tissue in a healthy way. In order to consume about 0.5 kilos in a week, everyone needs to take in 500 additional calories per day. A wide variety of factors can influence the end result – these include weight, gender, number of hormones, body temperature, age, coffee consumption, smoking and, last but not least, individual genetic characteristics. The first thing you should do is calculate your daily calorie intake over the course of a week. Stand on the scales in the morning and in the evening! In this way you would be able to determine the relationship between your meals and the weight differences. Afterwards you will know how many additional calories you have to put on the table in order to gain weight in a healthy and permanent way.

What is important for the “gain healthily” nutrition plan

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Three main meals a day are not to be missed if you are gain healthy weight want. Eat light meals two or three times more. Of course, you don’t have to overload your digestive system, eat more often, but in small amounts. Nutrition experts recommend eating a small meal just before sleep. You can do without water after exercising; instead, drink fruit and vegetable juices and milk beverages to promote muscle function. The intense physical exertion stimulates muscle building. In relation to this, the need for calories of the underweight must be increased, otherwise you will lose weight.

In order to look forward to a beautiful, muscular body, show patience! Think about the bottom line! The goal is to keep adipose tissue within limits and slowly but surely to enlarge muscle cells.

Obviously, when you eat high calorie foods, you gain weight faster. However, the consumption of animal fats leads to high cholesterol levels. Replace products such as cheese and butter with foods with healthy fats, which are also beneficial for the body. Instead of chocolate, use milk, vegetable and fruit juice, seeds, nuts, muesli and honey, which contain a wide variety of valuable vitamins and minerals, in the diet. Make a balanced diet of pasta, wholemeal bread, oat bran, dried fruits, fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, pork and beef. Since nicotine and caffeine stimulate the metabolism, it is best to avoid them!

And last but not least: relaxation, rest and movement determine the positive result. Conversely, stress and tension have a negative effect on it.

A handful of nuts during the day gives us a lot of energy 

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 Eat fresh fruit instead of chocolate

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 Pasta supplies the body with carbohydrates

After exercising carbohydrates restore physical strength, do not exaggerate a small amount