11 Helpful Weight Loss Tips: How You Will Eat Less!

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In this article, we have collected 11 effective tips and tricks that will help you slim down quickly. This 11 Tips for losing weight show you how to get balanced and eat less and lose weight in the process.

1. Tips for losing weight without much effort

Chia seeds tea breakfast healthy diet

A recent study has shown that eating with your left hand (when you are actually right-handed) and vice versa will decrease the amount of food you normally eat by 30%. This has to do with breaking the habit of always performing the same movement from plate to mouth. If you are right handed, just take the cutlery with your left hand. This will be very uncomfortable for you and will automatically make your meal last longer.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast

chia frame shape heart-shaped tips for weight loss

Supplement your water with chia seeds, or add them to your tea or breakfast. These seeds contain 10 grams of fibers and 5 grams of protein in every 30 grams. Studies show that chia seeds help reduce appetite by regulating blood sugar levels – this decreases hunger.

3. The trick with the coffee

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Have you tried the coffee and nap trick? Have a cup of coffee 20 minutes before your usual nap. Researchers say that this is how much time coffee takes to start working. After that, when you get up, you will be much more tired and full of energy.

4. Follow rule 2-2-2

Eat twice as often, half as little and chew twice longer than usual

5. Effect of colors on appetite

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Cover the table in one color! If the color of the plates is the same as the color of the tablecloth, you will eat 5% less food than if there are many colors on the table.

6. Tips for losing weight: all kinds of physical activities

rhythmic dancing-walking activities tips for losing weight

Move to the rhythm Scientists have found that women are much more motivated when they listen to music. So – put your headphones on and let’s see how fast you can run.

7. Eat salads

healthy food food salad tuna fish tomato cucumber

Order a salad with diced tomatoes. The juice of the tomatoes is sour and thus reduces the need for dressing and spices. If you would still order a sauce with the salad, take it separately from the salad so that you can control the amount that goes into your plate.

8. Take care with the sugar!

brown sugar instead of white sugar in diets

Always read the leaflet when buying products from the supermarket. Everything that ends in “ose” contains sugar (glucose, galactose, maltose, dextrose, fructose, etc.).

mouth red-lip sugar crystals effect lemon wedge

9. Tips for losing weight: Put whole grain products on the plate

whole grain walnuts seeds-rich in natural fatty acids

Still hungry after having breakfast? Try adding whole grains to your breakfast. For example, this could be two tablespoons each of walnuts or seeds because they are rich in natural fatty acids.

10. Eating in the restaurant

Restaurant table dinner like eating healthy

If you were going to eat in a restaurant, be the first to order. If you followed this rule, the more likely you would order less and change your order.

11. Lots of water

drink plenty of water slimming tips-burn fat

Start your day with a glass of water. Water stimulates your body to burn fat. 220 ml of water is sufficient to get your metabolism high. Your body desperately needs this fluid because it becomes dehydrated after every 6-7 hours of sleep.