Designer Favorites: Versace

Hello everyone! Today’s post is the first in a new series of posts called “Designer Favorites” in which I will be talking about my favorite items from a specific brand. This includes clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. I’ll be making a list of the top favorite items that are currently for sale. So let’s get started with my favorites from Versace.

1. The Small Signature Bag



I’ve talked about this handbag in an article before. I think it’s amazing and I’d love to carry it around with me. The bag does have the Versace logo all over it but the rest of the bag is simple enough that it doesn’t seem too loud or ostentatious. This bag is priced at $1,950 and you can buy it here.

2. Signature Leather Flip Flops



I know winter is coming but I still think I can talk about Summer items as every brand has just got done showing its Spring/Summer Collections. I love the way these flip-flops look. They also have the Versace logo all over them but I still love how luxurious they look. I’d love to wear these with my favorite white pants during the Summer. These shoes are priced at $625 and you can find them here.

3. Leather Belt With Versace Logo


So this one is a simple one. It’s just a leather belt and the Versace logo is the buckle. I like it because of the buckle. It might be a little flashy but if you wear it with a minimalistic outfit, it will look fine. This belt retails at $525 and you can get it here.


4. Versace Barocco Boxer Briefs


I love the Versace Barocco print. It’s just so luxurious and it definitely has that signature Greek style that the brand is based on. I’d love to wear these all day. These boxer briefs cost $225 and you can get the here.

5. Versace Bathrobe



This bathrobe is perfect. I’d absolutely love to relax at the end of the day in this. I love the Greek patterns on it as well as the baroque patterns surrounding the logo. This robe is priced at $550 and you can get it here.

6. Barocco Animalier Print Tank



Animal print isn’t usually good-looking but I love this tank top. This would look good with a pair of dark wash jeans and some black sneakers. This is perfect for a hot Summer day. This shirt is priced at $295 and you can get it here.

7. Versace Eros Eau de Toilette


Eros by Versace is a sweet fragrance but it’s not so sweet that is seems cheap. This fragrance is perfect for the Spring and Summer because it’s not too warm or musky. I would suggest Versace’s signature fragrance but I like this one more. Versace Eros retails at $86 and you can get it here.

8. Leather Card Holder


I want a card holder so that I can have the cards that I most often use in my pocket and the cards I don’t use that much in a larger wallet in my handbag. I talked about this before in an article about a Chanel card holder. This card holder, though, is small enough for me and I would love to have it. This card holder is priced at $225 and you can get it here.

Versace is one of my favorite brands and they have many products I’d like to own. These are just my favorite of what Versace has to offer. What I want the most out of this list is probably the handbag.

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