Unusual water carafe design represents a new home decor

Transparent carafe glass filigree shaped design goods

Carafes come in different shapes, sizes and designs. But some design creations are a little more than just beautiful. In addition to the practical purposes they serve, they should convey a message. Do you happen to be looking for an interesting one? Water carafe design? The following designs will definitely inspire you!

Exceptional water carafe design made of glass

Transparent glass carafe-for water Andreas-Trenker Design

The transparent water carafe set by Andreas Trenker consists of stylized containers, visualized by parametric 3D software. In South Tyrol, where the young graphic designer comes from, the high water quality of the tap water is an advantage that benefits in today’s times. In order to promote local tap water consumption instead of buying plastic bottles with water, Trenker created a unique one in collaboration with Prof. Kuno Prey from the Faculty of Art and Design at the Free University of Bolzano, Italy Water carafe design. Specific properties of each water source such as pH value, water hardness, temperature, conductivity, altitude of origin can be proven in the various three-dimensional models. The glass carafes are easy to hold thanks to their shape. The design pieces will be shown at the Bologna Water Design Fair from 23 to 28 September 2013.

Slightly bulbous shape of the Water carafe

Household goods design playful shape transparent carafe set andreas trenker

Carafes beautify everyday life and promote tap water consumption in South Tyrol

Water carafe made of glass Properties-the water source trasparente-Andreas-Trenker

Duo carafes meet in a kiss

Ricard Duo Pastis water carafe set Jakob-Macfarlane carved segments

Created on behalf of Ricard Brand, the Duo Carafe Set by Jakov and Macfarlane was intended to emphasize the connection between Recard and water – between the inseparable components of the aperitif popular in France. The carafe duo is versatile and should be fun for people.

Ricard Duo carafe by Jakov and Macfarlane – everything for the perfect table

Designer goods Ricard Duo-Set glass carafe-Jakob Macfarlane

The yellow carafe, which resembles Swiss cheese, is color-coded from the popular drink. It is intended for pastis. The glass carafe is for water and therefore its carved small segments are reminiscent of an ice cube. Designer from Paris Jakov and Macfarlane stand for innovative design and develop objects that are aesthetic and practical.

Exceptional design of household items

Water carafe set Ricard-Duo jakob-macfarlane Paris