Tote bag design with a twist – more than just packaging design

Tote bags design -packaging-shopping-department store-consumer-advertising

At first glance, tote bags are just a means to an end, both for the average consumer and for most retail businesses. This means that small objects, often also groceries, have to be transported from the department stores to your own four walls in a practical and safe way. Without the bags made of paper or plastic, the shopping pleasure would certainly be diminished and also considerably more complicated. Tote bag design should not only serve a practical purpose in every case, but should also be visually convincing.

Tote bag design is ingenious and yet completely natural

Tote bags design -packaging-shopping-motivation-advertising-marketing

The carrier bag is an indispensable part of our everyday life. All over the world, countless bags are handed out every day to bring the purchased goods home. Most commonly, they are made from sturdy and stable plastic films or kraft paper. Straps and inserts are provided for comfortable carrying. In addition, there are an unbelievable number of design variations. The countless possibilities in terms of color and shape make a practical, but also bizarre and unique tote bag design realistic.

Tote bag design as an advertising medium

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Design: Agence V, Paris

A carrier bag far exceeds its field of application as a simple shopping bag. The multitude of shapes, colors and sizes and the material reinforcement at important points mean that carrier bags can withstand astonishingly high loads today. As gift packaging or as a light, space-saving bag for sports, they always fulfill their practical purpose. But they are much more than just a practical transport aid. Mostly in large quantities and produced relatively cheaply, more and more companies are realizing that the good, old shopping bag is a perfect advertising medium. Printed Tote bags with an appealing design offer themselves as an inexpensive way to bring a brand to the fore and make it more recognizable for the consumer.

Creative tote bag design – what is cool and funny appeals to the consumer

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Retail companies are constantly looking for nice, unusual advertising ideas that convey emotional content about a brand and thus appeal to a specific target group in the decision-making process. Fashion retailers in particular attach great importance to an attractive presentation of their products. Packaging that is perceived as attractive stimulates the happiness and motivation centers in the brain, proves Prof. Dr. Peter Kenning from Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen in one Study by the Chair of Marketing. Visual attention is drawn, more customers are brought into the stores, brand loyalty is influenced and ultimately sales are positively stimulated.

Visual attention is the basis of every decision-making process

Tote bags design -packaging-shopping-bag-mascara-product

Design: Leo Burnett, Frankfurt

Visual attention triggers emotions that can be stored and later recalled from memory as associations. Thus, attention becomes the basis of every decision-making process. From a medical point of view, cool, funny packaging activates different areas of the brain that promote happiness and motivation, after all, this product is considered to be a purchase. This confirms the statement that good design ‘directly’ stimulates sales.

A product comes into consideration for purchase due to the funny carrier bag design


Design: McCann Ericksonn, China

The carrier bag that everyone leaves the store with conveys a message that is safe to spread on the way home and which many people perceive unconsciously. Then why not do something original that attracts attention and provides a second use? We have put together a small list of the most creative and extraordinary tote bag designs.

Creative tote bag design, which fits the product perfectly and complements it


Designer: Sarah Fløe Stenberg

Of course, designers put a lot of thought into designing creative product packaging to give it a special meaning. The carrier bag should basically match the product and complement it in a meaningful way. If the materials are natural, the packaging should also convey a feeling of nature, for example made from recyclable kraft paper. The packaging may seduce, but not deceive, says A. Angerer, the head of the largest German agency for brand design in one Interview in front of In addition, carrier bags are information carriers and their creative design is guaranteed to cause a stir on the street.

Cool tote bag design that conveys a message


Designer: Andy Winner and One Show Man for City Harvest

The focus is on the message that a shopping or carrier bag conveys. Is it a simple trademark or a feeling, a packaging, a carrier bag, all advertising material in itself can draw the attention of the consumer to a certain point. Like the symbol for an empty stomach made of transparent film on this shopping bag and this supports the people of the world who are starving.