These 19 creative designer vases will take your breath away!

creative designer vases collection white Bloom my Body-Niels van Eijk

Flower vases are indispensable for every traditional table decoration on the occasion of various festivals and can be found in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. However, flowers are mood makers and really deserve to be staged. Young designers from all over the world in particular try to find new areas of application for everyday items or to reinterpret common shapes. Even if you are not a passionate flower lover, here is what you will find Designer vases to be amazed! These are absolute highlights at every location and a particularly original gift idea!

Unique designer vases allow creative freedom

idea for flower lovers designer vase male

We present the collection to you Designer vases “Bloom My Body” by Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe. The unique creations allow countless design variations – depending on your wishes and taste, you can easily arrange flowers, leaves and stems.

1. “Bloom My Body” vase by Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe

Original flower vase design ideas for unique gifts for women

2. 90 ° vase by Cuatro Cuatros

90 ° flower vase - white ceramic - Cuatro Cuatros optical illusion

Viewed from a certain angle, this geometrically designed vase appears like a perfectly shaped decoration.

Depending on the viewing angle, the vase creates a visual illusion in the Escher style

Flower vase design optical illusion perfectly shaped

3. Peaceful Bomb from Biogust 

Peaceful Bomb Design-Ceramic Flower Vase Biogust

Something that destroys could save life. These white bombs are designed for that.

Bomb of Biogust Flower Vases - creative desing

4. SOB flower vase (Save Our Bottles) by Human Republic 

eco-friendly flower vase plastic bottles recycle Human Republicthe Designer vases SOB are a clever solution and encourage the recycling of plastic bottles. The silhouette was inspired by the classic flower vase.

5. Whale vase by Alessandro Bêda

Whale flower vase design for Stems-Alessandro Bêda-creative solution

 The whale vase is simple and elegant and stands for environmental protection. It consists of 2 parts and can be placed anywhere.

flower vase-whale Alessandro-Bêda designer gift idea

6. Lace vase from Milk design 

Lace Vase Milk Design Upcycling Ideas for Plastic Bottle Jars

Another solution for recycling plastic bottles and glass containers – the design is available in different sizes.

designer vase cover upcycling project-old-glasses bottles

7. Bikini vase by PA design 

Designer bikini flower vase for bouquets

This vase looks like cut in figure 2. The top appears to be floating in the air. The flower vase is made of ceramic and transparent plastic.

8. Ventricle Vessel – ventricle container for flowers of Eva Milinkovic

sculptural vase design Ventricle Vessel-Herzkammer Eva Milinkovic

This sculptural vase reflects the perfection and beauty of the human body.

9. Hanging flower vase Polaroid by Jung Hwajin with illumination for the flower

Polaroid Designer Hanging Flower Vase with Illumination Jung-Hwajin

10. Light bulb as a vase – a do-it-yourself project Tim Park  

Lightbulbs as a vase Selbermachen-tim park recycle ideas

11. Outerline vase by MOMA

Outerline vase design consist of silhouettes contours porcelain

This is an interesting interpretation of the classic vase, but it only consists of contours. The designer vase made of porcelain spices up your home.

12. Bestow vase by Harry Allen can serve as a vase or candle holder 

harry allen candle holder porcelain vases attached to the wall

13. Ness & Beauly vases by Graham Johnston  

Ness & amp; Beauly vases contemporary home decorations table decorations

the Designer vases in contemporary design are equipped with channels that make it possible to see the flower stems. In this way, tulips and callas are particularly staged.

modern design flower vase with channels gift idea

14. Bucky vase looks like deer antlers

Bucky vase-deer antlers elegant design wall vase

15. Hula Hoop Vase by Cristiana Giopato

Hula Hoop Vase stackable stones

 This designer vase consists of stackable plates and can be converted into a wine cooler.

Hula Hoop vase as wine cooler gift ideas for men original

16. Banana vase by Jonathan Adler has a fun design 

fun banana shape designer vase-Jonathan Adler

17. Milk carton vase from James Burgess made of porcelain 

creative decorative accessory milk carton vase-James Burgess-made of porcelain

18. ReBird flower vase by Studio Toer symbolizes the rebirth of a bird 

ReBird designer vase Studio-Toer symbolizes rebirth

19. Flower Hair – Jennifer’s flower vase McGarigle 

Flower Hair-Flowers head creative design by Vases-Jennifer McGarigle