The perfection of nature as an inspiration for modern art

Luke Jerram glass art

When you hear about bacteria and viruses, you immediately think of diseases. The revolutionary modern art by Luke Jerram depicts the typical pathogens in an aesthetic way. The English artist’s unusual glass sculptures show that something that is negatively associated can also be beautiful.

Modern art installation by Luke Jerram- Viruses made of glass

Glass virus collection Jarrom

For the modern art there are no obstacles. Sometimes it fulfills a very practical function – it creates the connection between scientists and art lovers. The series of sculptures made of glass called “Glass Microbiology” presents bacteria such as HIV, Escherichia Coli, the swine flu virus H1N1 and the smallpox virus. Dadusch, the glass artist wants to create a three-dimensional representation – an alternative to the usual colored images of bacteria and viruses and to bring scientific topics closer to people.

Modern art – breathtaking glass sculptures of microbiological organisms

Luke-Jerram England modern glass art

For his glass sculptures Luke Jerram Get help from Bristol University virologists to reproduce the structures and sculptures as accurately as possible. In fact, you can see the individual functional units of the virus in great detail. The glass viruses have been used in some museums for modern art Exhibited – Mori Museum in Tokyo, Museum in Barcelona, ​​Art and Design Museum and Art-Metropolitan Museum in NYC, Glass Museum in Shanghai, Glass Museum in Washington and more.

Nice representation of typical viruses – HIV

Depicting HIV virus illustration

Blow glass

Art Glass Luke Jerram-England Design

Manufacturing process of a sculpture made of glass

HIV virus - made of glass design

Glass sculptures by Luke Jerram – exhibition in museum

Art installation design ideas Jarrom

Modern art installation made of glass

Modern glass art viruses bacteria

Show the structure of the viruses in glass

Glass viruses depicting Jarrom

Innovative project made of glass 

Glass sculpture UFM Virus

Glass Microbiology

Bacteria and Viruses from Glass Luke Jarrom

Wonderful works of art made of glass

Modern art glass ideas design

Design ideas made of glass

Luke Jerram art installation glass

Give the viruses an aesthetic look

Art installation Art Museum exhibition

Structure and functional units of viruses

transparent virus ideas from Luke-Jerram Design

Luke Jerram glass art

Art installations-glass sculptures design

Viruses and bacteria from glass

Glass design-art object design

Glass sculptures made of glass – modern art

Modern glass art museum exhibition

Modern glass art can also fulfill a practical function

Art object made of glass-Luke Jerram Design

Collection of typical pathogens made from glass

Jerram glass feats

Amazing glass viruses

Glass sculptures design-modern art

Glass viruses by Luke Jerram

Art installation in glass