The ONYX designer sofa – hand-carved from carbon and volcanic rock

Designer sofa ONYX volcanic rock carbon combination

ONYX is a three meter long sofa hand-carved from high-tech carbon and Volvic volcanic rock. That ONYX designer sofa is by Pierre Gimbergues for Peugeot Design Lab designed. The unique piece of furniture is the first of a series of extraordinary individual pieces of furniture, made to measure for external customers and adapted to their taste and personality. With this new collection, Peugeot Design Lab is breaking new ground and combining high-contrast materials. High-tech materials such as carbon, copper, fiberglass and raw materials are combined with natural materials such as lava stone, crystal stones and wood. The Peugeot Design Lab is making it clear that technical progress and nature do not have to be mutually exclusive.

ONYX designer sofa – Contrasting material connection

Designer sofa ONYX lava stone hand-carved black gray

The Vorvic rock has filtered mineral water in Auvergne, a region in central France, for thousands of years before it is hand carved and combined with the high-tech carbon. The ONYX sofa impresses with its clean cut, a black and gray magnetic color and state-of-the-art materials.

ONYX designer sofa exhibited at Milan Design Week

designer sofa onyx volcanic stone Pierre Gimbergues peugeot design lab

From April 8th to 13th, visitors to the Milan Design Week in the Zona Tortona have the opportunity to take a seat in the unique Designer sofa ONYX Platz and admire the seven other pieces of furniture. The Peugeot ONYX concept car will also be presented to the public.

  Combination of contrasting materialsPierre Gimbergues designer sofa carbon lava stone gray

Carbon and lava rock

Pierre Gimbergues onyx sofa peugeot design lab

smooth and rough in contrast

sofa onyx designer Pierre Gimbergues peugeot design lab

sofa high tech karbon vorvic rock france

the seat from the sofa

progress nature combination sofa carbon rock

Vorvic rock

designer sofa onyx volcanic stone vorvic auvergne

how is it won

vorvic rock auvergne central france

Designer sofa ONYX hand-carved volcanic stone

volcanic rock vorvic hand-carved

Pierre Gimbergues sofa development designed

furniture peugeot design lab made to measure stone carving

designer sofa onyx volcanic rock carved carbon combined

Designer sofa ONYX lava stone hand carved

Pierre Gimbergues Peugeot Design Lab development process

sofa onyx near-natural lava stone hand-carved  Pierre Gimbergues design sofa carbon lava stone Peugeot Design Lab

ONYX designer sofa Pierre Gimbergues Peugeot Design Lab creation

carbon fiber Pierre Gimbergues Peugeot Design Lab

high-tech carbon material sofa onyx

lava stone material sofa onyx