The interplay of float glass and concrete: new sculptures by Ben Young

Float glass blue sculpture concrete seabed

Artist Ben Young’s latest collection is stunning as always. His creations continue to tell of the beauty of the clear blue ocean. This is the main source of inspiration for him as he grew up in the quiet Bay of Plenty region on the north coast of New Zealand. The artist depicts the ocean landscapes particularly realistically with the help of turquoise-blue float glass. The float glass plates are placed on concrete rock formations and decorated with small figures.

Float glass sculptures ocean concrete coast brass figures

Each piece starts out as a 2D drawing and is then carefully assembled from layers of hand-cut sheets of glass into a large 3D sculpture. The layers of glass are then laminated to create a solid, smooth surface. It looks like a snapshot of the ocean. Some of Young’s newer works of art are placed on a geometric stainless steel frame, while others can be hung and convey a feeling of lightness. The stainless steel elements contrast beautifully with the forms inspired by nature.

Sculpture hanging float glass sea light tower figure

Young likes to play with opposites and finds it admirable that you can create such natural shapes from a solid material like float glass. His glass sculptures imitate the glittering, sunlit sea surface and the glaciers that enchant us with their rocky, rough surface.

Sculpture float glass greenish concrete coast

The lighting plays a big role in the presentation of the feats. When the greenish float glass is illuminated from below, it reflects the light in a beautiful way. It gives the illusion that the piece is coming to life. The artist hopes that viewers can imagine his work as something living, creating the illusion of space, movement and depth.

Brass lighthouse float glass concrete

The float glass sculptures are often adorned with small brass figures of sailing boats and explorers. They tell stories of marine adventures. In his latest series, brass lighthouses look down at icy glaciers, ships sail through rippling waves or lonely human figures stand on the coast, looking at the water and are silent.

Sculpture float glass turquoise blue brass sailing boat

Sculpture glass sea waves stainless steel ring hanging

Seabed interplay of light float glass

Float glass turquoise blue ocean concrete shore

Float glass concrete sculpture ocean coast

Concrete stainless steel float glass sculpture ocean depths

Sculpture float glass blue concrete stainless steel frame

Sculpture Sea Depth Concrete Bridge Solitude

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