The coolest cooler that broke Kickstarter records

The-Coolest-Cooler- The coolest cool box -kickstarter-project

In 2014, crowdfunding platforms not only grew in popularity, they also peaked. After nearly six years since its inception, Kickstarter has achieved $ 1 billion in revenue from its campaigns. A little more than half (529 million euros) were collected in 2014. Earlier this year, Kickstarter released an interactive and detailed summary from which it becomes clear that the stakes (called gifts) are worth $ 529 million, and the projects funded – 22,252. More than 3.3 million people from around the world have supported creative projects on Kickstarter. One of the top funded projects is “The Coolest Cooler” – the coolest cool box, which is equipped with a lot of extras. The iconic cool box is the most expensive Kickstarter project of all time and has raised $ 13.2 million.

The coolest cool box – a real all-rounder

The coolest cool box kickstarter - mobile-tension-belts-fasten things

Although $ 50,000 was originally required to complete the project, the amount collected has significantly exceeded the target. The unusual freezer was developed by the American Ryan Grepper from Oregon and has a lot of additional functions that can be used for a rolling day outdoors. The list of built-in devices is very long.

The coolest cool box -kickstarter-mixer-summer-cocktails-ice-crusher

– The first thing you notice is the mixer with 18 volt battery built into the top of the cool box, with which you can mix cocktails and smooties and crush ice.

coolest-kuhlbox-kickstarter-two-part-cooling compartment

– The cooling roof is divided into two – for drinks and food that have to stay dry.


– The hinged lid serves as a practical dining table, in which there are also some plastic plates and a ceramic knife.

coolest-kuhlbox-kickstarter-functions-bottle opener

– Bottle opener with container for the lids

coolest-kuhlbox-kickstarter-amount-extras-additional functions

– Detachable, waterproof bluetooth speakers

coolest-kuhlbox-kickstarter-usb-charging station

– USB charging station for smartphones and tablets


– The cool box has LED lighting integrated into the lid for an evening barbecue.

coolest cool box-kickstarter-tension-belt-safe-transport

– Lashing strap to fasten things on the cool box and to transport them easily.

coolest cool box kickstarter-land-tires-beach-forest-park

– Reinforced tires that can drive through any terrain, whether you want to have a picnic on the beach or in nature

The coolest cool box – price and shipping costs


With this cool cool box, nothing is missing from a barbecue evening. The mobile gadget is available in three different colors. The project is now in mass production and will probably reach its sponsors in February 2015. The coolest cooler in the USA will cost the equivalent of 135 euros. However, the shipping costs become a certain disadvantage, because if you want to import “The Coolest” into Germany, you have to pay an additional 80 euros.



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