The bicycle box – an ideal solution for the safe parking of bicycles


Regardless of whether it is for excursions into nature, for the way to work, or just for fitness and relaxed enjoyment, the bicycle is still a traditionally popular means of transport that promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. But when it is not needed, it has to be stowed away safely somewhere. The home garden, cellar or hallway are not a solution in the long run. There is a modern and safe alternative for the bicycle parking space problem – the bicycle box.

On the photo: Tepro metal bicycle box in cream

A bicycle box offers variability in use

Compact bike box storage room bike locker metal

The so-called bicycle box is a small, lockable “house” with compact dimensions, a kind of bicycle garage that is already available in a large variety of models and materials. Bicycle boxes made of powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized metal are the most common in our cities, as they fit well into a modern urban environment. Metal bicycle boxes are usually maintenance-free, durable and fireproof and protected against rust and rainwater. Additional PVC coatings increase the resistance of the material and also protect against scratches.

On the photo: Concrete bicycle garage

The bicycle garage adapts flexibly to your space requirements

Storage room-bike garage-wooden-bike boxes-lockable-stand

As an alternative to this, there are wooden bicycle boxes. They fit perfectly into a cottage garden, where together with a wooden fence, wooden garden furniture or a wooden tool shed, they create a harmonious overall picture. Types of wood such as pine and spruce are very robust. With the pressure impregnation, the wood is protected from mold and rot even with frequent rainfall. However, a regular coating of weather protection is recommended.

On the photo: Bicycle garage made of wood and stone

Bicycle boxes offer a protected, lockable stand

Bicycle garage-transparent-model-modern-practical-space-saving-execution

On the photo: Lockable bicycle garage  

There are bicycle boxes for every need and taste – as a single box or in a row. In some models, several bicycles can fit in. Other models can be individually expanded, locked with a padlock, PZ lock or electronic locking systems. Thanks to the practical, variable assembly of the doors, e.g. large, hinged front opening, each model optimally adapts to the local conditions.

Compact bike box – versatile uses

bicycle box-anthracite-folding-door-space-saving-parking-bicycles

On the photo: Tepro metal bicycle box in anthracite

If you are concerned about buying a bike box, consider all the advantages:

– Easy to park without having to carry the bike around the house.

– Short construction time

– The bike boxes offer protection for your bike from street dirt, weather and theft or vandalism.

– Ideal storage room for additional garden accessories, protected from external influences.

– Visually appealing design.

You can set up a bike box almost anywhere. Caution: It is possible, however, that a bicycle box in your municipality is subject to a building permit requirement. So ask the responsible building authority on site.

Protected outdoor space


On the photo: Stainless steel bike box with revolving doors

Bike garage with flat roof


On the photo: Tepro metal bicycle box for up to 4 bicycles

Ideal solution for the safe parking of bicycles

bicycle box-bicycle garage-lockable-stand-blue

In the photo: metal bicycle box ARETUS

A subtle bike locker


In the photo: BIKEBOX 3 bicycle garage