Sofa and dog bed – multifunctional furniture for your interior

Dog sofa design ideas

Give yourself and your dog multifunctional furniture for the living room – this designer piece of furniture combined Sofa and dog bed in one.

Sofa and dog bed in one design

Designer Sofa Animal Lovers Dog Bed Design Ideas

Nowadays living space is very limited, especially in the big cities. At the same time, people don’t want to do without their pets. In Asia, in particular, the problem of overpopulation is very high. Often whole families have to live in one-room apartments. At the same time, residents in Korea alone have more than 10 million pets. So that people and their best friend can live together undisturbed, even in a small apartment, the multifunctional pieces of furniture come to the rescue. So it’s no wonder the designer of this Sofa and dog bed the Company Seungji Mun is. You thought about how humans and animals can share the furniture together without destroying the furniture.

Sofa and dog bed – creative solution for small apartments

Sofa dog bed design ideas multifunctional furniture

Sofa and dog bed in one design – the dog bed was creatively integrated under the armrest. This way your dog can make himself comfortable there. At the same time, the dog can always see its owner. Stable wooden construction prevents damage that can be caused by scratching or biting, especially in young dogs. The upholstery is made of fabric and can be washed. A fabric cushion was also placed in the dog bed so that the animal feels comfortable. The design is a practical alternative for everyone who has small dogs at home and would like to have them with them at all times without having to forego stylish furnishings.

Sofa oak wood fabric upholstery dog ​​bed

Dog bed living room interior wood construction

Dog bed sofa design ideas

Dog bed wood small dogs sofa design

Wood sofa purple upholstery dogs bed

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