Small dioramas made of everyday objects in the unique “Miniature Calendar” by Tanaka Tatsuya

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Have you ever thought that a leaf on the surface of the water looks like a small boat, or that a broccoli floret looks like a mini-tree? The photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka has the fascinating ability to look at everyday objects from a dwarf’s perspective and to create original, small dioramas from them. For three years now, the Japanese artist has been creating the fascinating mini-worlds from everyday objects that he publishes every day in his “Miniature Calendar”.

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The 32-year-old Tatsuya Tanaka transforms objects that we use every day into enchanting mini-worlds. Small dioramas are made from toilet paper, beverage cans, lighters or soup ladles. Food such as butter, bread, zucchini, apples and things such as smartphones, cassettes and CD’s also serve as the perfect backdrop for the small dioramas, which were created with particularly great attention to detail. For the creative artist, the notes on a musical score turn into racing cyclists at a track race.

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Tatsuya Tanaka sees a swimming pool in the yolk of a halved egg, and the beige or brown eyeshadow palettes are actually beautiful beaches. With his creativity and sensitivity, he also transforms daily activities such as construction work, walking for the dog, receiving a parcel, getting a parking ticket, into gorgeous scenarios. Some of his unique photographs have a dramatic theme, others are very humorous, but all are expressions of creative scenes. Regardless of whether the photos evoke a smile or not, Tanaka’s imagination and creativity cannot be questioned. The Japanese artist now has a million followers. The artist’s aim is to give his audience a little joy in everyday life with his “Miniature Calendar”.

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Tanaka publishes new photos from the “Miniature Calendar” on Instagram and Facebook every day. Check out a small selection of his miniature artworks below! The wonderful miniature worlds may reveal a sunnier side of everyday life to you. A collection of previous miniature photographs can also be found in his book entitled “Miniature Life: Conceptual art of Miniature Calendar”.

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* You can find more micro-works of art at the official website