Sculptural furniture series “Engineering Temporality” -Studio Markunpoika

Art furniture series Markunpoika chandelier extravagant iron structure

The eccentric one Furniture series by the young designer Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen hovers on the border between pure art and design. The inspiration for his creations was his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s disease, which gradually evaporated the core of her identity. The designer wanted to tell about these feelings in his work. The idea seems quite funny and still exciting and touching.

Furniture series made of burnt iron rings – design that evokes feelings

Chandelier chairs burn-fragile structure weld iron rings

the Furniture series consists of 12 design creations – cupboards, chairs, chandeliers. The temporary character and fragility of our life are reflected in his designs. The designer chose antique wooden chairs and chests of drawers for the production. He painted it white and carefully covered it with metal drone rings like a grating. He purposefully left gaps in the metal frame. Then he unfolded the wooden furniture. The result is these sculptural beauties of high emotional value for the designer, who visualize philosophical thoughts.

Designer furniture symbolizes the passing of time

Spooky Chair Furniture Series Art Exhibition London

Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. In search of innovative design solutions, the artist dealt with philosophical questions. His graduation project – art-Furniture series “Engineering Temporality” represents a bridge between metaphysics and the material world and caused a sensation. For this, the Finn was nominated for the “Designs of the Years Award” in the “Interior Furniture” category. The bizarre furniture is unfortunately not usable, but absolutely great.

Antique chest of drawers creates the transition between human emotions and material values

Cabinet made of burned iron rings - Studio Markunpoika Sculptural furniture

The eccentric iron ring chair appears very eerie

Chair metal frame sculpture engineering-temporality furniture series

Burnt iron ring chest of drawers

Engineering Temporality furniture series Sculptural iron rings welded

“Engineering Temporality” furniture series impresses with its sculptural quality

Möbel-Markunpoika furniture design-Sculptural Alzheimer's inspired

Chandelier inspired by Alzheimer’s dementia

Antique chandelier-made of iron-Tuomas-Markunpoika Design Studio

Sheathing antique wooden furniture with metal rings and burning

Metal pipe rings weld-antique chairs frame

Chandelier from Studio Markunpoika on VimeoEngineering temporality from Studio Markunpoika on Vimeo.