Popcorn machine from Jolene Carlier – perfect for movie nights

popcorn metal plastic cork kitchen utensil idea

Making popcorn has always been fun, especially for the kids. You will have even more fun with this popcorn machine. Thanks to the rounded shapes and especially the yellow color, it has a playful look. The machine is an invention of Jolene Carlier and consists of a base that makes the popcorn “pop” with the help of hot air. From there, a transparent pipe, the shape of which is reminiscent of a tap, leads into a matching bowl. And what is special about this one Popcorn machine is precisely this pipe through which you can watch the finished popcorn on its way into the bowl. That makes the whole process more interesting than it is with ordinary popcorn machines. Making popcorn with this machine will be great fun for your children too.

Popcorn machine with a funny design

popcorn machine cork tube clear metal support

And preparing the popcorn machine is incredibly easy. First you take the cork out of the pipe, then fill the machine with the popcorn, close the pipe again and switch the device on. Then all you have to do is wait for the bowl to fill up. Now you can enjoy your popcorn with your family on a cozy movie night. A great invention, isn’t it?

Fill the popcorn machine with corn kernels

popcorn machine jolene carlier yellow invention

Turn on the popcorn machine

popcorn machine turn on transparent tube plastic invention

Let the popcorn machine do its job

invention jolene carlier yellow popcorn device

The popcorn and its way into the bowl are visible

machine kitchen appliance popcorn plastic yellow pipe

The finished popcorn gets into the bowl by itself

popcorn machine monsoon design tube yellow plastic

Quickly prepare popcorn for the movie night

Popcorn Food Device Prepare Yellow Design

Prepare popcorn quickly and easily in the machine

jolene carlier popcorn machine bowl plastic

Other things can be done while the popcorn is being made

popcorn snack bowl mug yellow jolene carlier

Using the popcorn machine – an overview of the individual steps

machine popcorn preparation steps yellow design

An invention of Jolene Carlier.