Papasan armchair – relaxation armchair from the 50s is becoming the new summer trend

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We present you an iconic furniture design from the 50s, which is still popular today by designers worldwide – the Papasan armchair.

The Papasan armchair – variations, materials and colors

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Nowadays there are so many beautiful armchair designs on offer that you can hardly decide and find the right one for your own home. Especially in times when interior design is heavily influenced by fashion trends, the Papasan armchair back with full force. The chair is all the rage today – its shape resembles a bowl and is comfortable for young and old. Originally the design was made of rattan or wood – and has become a nice addition to any living room or patio area. Over time, the natural materials receded – instead, today’s designers are using new materials such as plastic or metal for the frame.

Papasan armchair – for the lounge area in the house or garden

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The special thing about that Papasan armchair is its construction. The frame and the seat are not connected to each other – this allows a certain flexibility. The modern variations can be offered as a folding chair – they are easy to transport and do not take up much space. The compact shape is the reason why this chair is suitable for both the garden / and even trips or camping /. Soft upholstered cushions add to the feel-good factor. The upholstered cushions themselves can also be used for benches or reading corners. The recliner has an ergonomic design – perfect for relaxing on the terrace or on the balcony. Other designers have turned the armchair into a futuristic piece of plastic furniture. The concept remains the connecting element between the armchair from the 1950s and the new models – a comfortable furniture design that invites you to relax.

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Lounge chair in the children’s room

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Modern office furniture for the reception room

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Papasan made of wood

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The Papasan armchair – a new concept made of plastic

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Metal relax armchair for the garden

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