Outdoor playground for children – 15 creative designs and play equipment

Outdoor playground creative-design-eel-lighthouse-monster

Playgrounds are one of the most popular places for every child. Instead of making the usual swings, slides, climbing walls and sandpit, a Danish company came up with the idea for a creative one Outdoor playground further developed, which should bring joy and many unforgettable experiences for the little ones. Monstrum’s children’s playgrounds are unique, safe and handmade.

Thematic outdoor playground by Monstrum

Outdoor playground children-monkey-jungle-play-device-climbing-artificial turf carpet

Monstrum deals with the production of themed outdoor playgrounds that tell a whole story and lead the children to a fascinating world. The production facility in Copenhagen employs skilled craftsmen and designers who are responsible for the design and manufacture of amusing wooden play equipment. Their goal is to create a place where both children and their parents feel comfortable and have fun together.

Outdoor playground with an exclusive design

Outdoor playground children-ships-lighthouse-whale-different-play equipment

The design of this playground is inspired by a Danish cartoon series that tells about the adventures of the bear Petzi and his friends. In the playground you can find various play equipment connected to the sea – ships, a lighthouse and a submarine. The head of the great whale is also a water toy that refreshes visitors to the outdoor playground with a spray of water on warm summer days.

Unforgettable experiences in the creative playgrounds for children

Outdoor playground children-robots-monster-climbing-wall-artificial turf carpet

Most children are afraid of monsters, but like to play with such toys. The monster in this park is trapped and tied with ropes that are perfect for climbing. So the children can play with him without being afraid.

A curved playhouse is funnier than a normal one

Outdoor playground children-curved-playhouses-slide-climbing wall-rope bridge

Instead of the usual play equipment that we played with as children, Monstrum deals with the production of unusual but much more interesting play equipment such as these curved playhouses with rope bridges, slides and climbing walls.

Outdoor playground for toddlers – in the spider’s head

outdoor-playground-children-spider-climbing-device-cobweb-ropes-artificial turf

This outdoor playground is a paradise for children between the ages of one and six. It offers many opportunities for adventure – the child can climb the spider and steer their legs from the seat in their head. The playground also has areas where you can ride a bike or play ball games.

Adventure playground like a monster spider web


The company has researched children’s favorite activities and made them available in a creative way. For example, the designers did not make an ordinary metal climbing device, but opted for a spider web made of ropes, which is just as perfect for climbing and in keeping with the theme of the playground.

Outdoor playground for brave children


A design for outdoor playground for fearless children is the haunted house with bat and ghosts. It offers many opportunities to play – a climbing wall, slide, ropes for climbing and a look into the haunted house.

Play in the eagle’s den


In the outdoor playground, the little ones can play with the eagle and climb on its back. Playing with different animals and birds arouses the children’s interest in learning new things.

Thematic children’s playground by Monstrum


For those who like the mythical animals, playgrounds are designed with dragons. These for toddlers are not that high and do not have dangerous play equipment to ensure safety.

Outdoor playground for children “the big dragon”


Some playgrounds are built on a sandy bottom to provide another play opportunity. This larger kite has handles all over its body for climbing that lead to its back. The kite’s body is also a wonderful hiding place for various games.

A children’s playground in Denmark


A creative slide can be seen on this outdoor playground, the beginning of which can be found on the back of a bear. The fallen branches on the artificial turf carpet with drawn paths are perfect for balancing.

Blue whale play device for playground with climbing wall and slide

outdoor-playground-park-children-blue-whale-playground-equipment-climbing wall

The whale is the largest mammal in the world and appears in many children’s fairy tales such as Pinocchio and Moby Dick. At this children’s playground in Sweden, children can climb or be “swallowed” by a blue whale.

Sperm whale in an outdoor playground with sand


In Denmark, on the other hand, there is not a blue but a sperm whale on a sand playground. Large stones are scattered around the area, which are suitable for various games.

A trip to the underwater world with a pike

outdoor-playground-predatory fish-algae-underwater world-play equipment-children

The pike is a predatory fish and there are many stories about it. This outdoor playground in Stockholm gives children an idea about fish and introduces them to the underwater world. The high algae are perfect for climbing and allow a slide in the back of the pike.

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